What The World Needs Now Is … More Lady Gaga?

We’re not the type of judge a sketch show by its cover, but if these promos are any indication, this weekend’s Saturday Night Live with Ryan Reynolds and tour canceler Lady Gaga is going to be of the Not Funny variety. Sure, Gaga is just the musical guests, but after her outrageous outfits and penis rumors, what jokes are there to be made? Oh, right, this one. That is funny.

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  • jojococoa

    its gonna be a terrible episode because ryan reynolds has never been funny and snl has not been funny in many years. if anything lady gag would make it more interesting. don’t mess with the gaga.

  • rayy

    Can’t be any worse than last week!

  • miaedu

    first U2 now lady caca. could the entertainment get any worse? maybe whitney next week?

  • Dan Zam

    Wow, Don’t make me hate you more Queerty.

  • Anthony

    Only old people hate Lady GaGa.

  • GeoffM

    penis rumors? I thought she cleared up any confusion in an interview…maybe I’m wrong.

  • Steve D.

    @rayy: OMG it was PAINFUL last week from the opening Libyan torture to the DOA monologue to the high-school-drama-class-worthy fake commercial.

  • scott ny'er

    @jojococoa: Many years? Try 15- 20 years. I just don’t get the love for SNL. It’s funny here and there but really it’s just mostly boring.

    MadTV was funny. They had more funny than not times vs. more boring than funny. Deborah Wilson, so awesome. The chick who did Britney, great. I could go on.

  • Bad Boy

    Aww I thought they were cute! i giggled!

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