When Your Therapist Doesn’t Believe Your Sexuality, It’s Time To Find A New Therapist

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Despite a growing culture of acceptance for non-hetero identities in this country, the “B’s” in LGBTQ are still largely seen as the unicorns of the community, and that’s got to get tiresome.

Especially, like vlogger Connor Manning recently experienced, when a supposed healthcare professional questions your very existence to the point of requiring a lengthy defense.

He tells the story of a recent trip to the therapist’s office in the below clip.

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“I spent thirty minutes of a therapy session, that I’m paying for, convincing someone that I am bisexual enough to be ‘bisexual,'” he says.

While it ended up being merely a moderate annoyance to Connor, he sees the issue as something much larger, particularly for other less-secure bisexual people who face probing questions not just from healthcare practitioners, but from all corners of life.

The moral of the story? Just do you.

Watch below: