Where Politicians Go To Look Beautiful


Even Politicians need to look good. All that spinning can only truly succeed with the appropriate smoke and mirrors. That consists of gorgeously manicured nails, a fabulous haircut, and a clean shave.

Blocks from D.C.’s gay Dupont Circle is the city’s most upscale men’s salon, The Grooming Lounge. A perfect location for Barney Frank who might want to stop by for some pampering before one of his regular P-town jaunts.

The Grooming Lounge has been making the men of D.C. beautiful for only a few years but they’ve become popular enough to warrant the opening of a second location. They ain’t cheap but they insist on quality. Their small selection consists only of superior products that you can’t pick up at Rite-Aid.

They’ve come up with cute political names for their grooming services. Our favorite is the Commander in Chief:

A business manicure will make his hands look professional while a foot treatment will soothe his “barking dogs.”

Unfortunately they don’t offer a package that soothes lying dogs. We checked.