Where You’ve Seen Bob Benson, Er, James Wolk Before


After this week’s episode of Mad Men, the Internet exploded with theories and ideas about Bob Benson’s true identity. The mysterious new character (portrayed by James Wolk) is suspected of being everyone from a government spy to the falling man from the opening credits. But what the Internet hasn’t been (or rather what it should be) asking is where we’ve seen him before.

Benson’s thighs were recently seen in the latest episode of Mad Men. (Why they took so long to make an appearance, we’ll never know.)

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Benson’s torso made a pit stop in Chicago as Grant on Happy Endings.

james wolk shirtless 2

That’s where Benson also showed off his ticklish, furry pecs.


Oh, and he proved he was a good kisser.


Before he was in Chicago, Benson broadcasted his abs on Lone Star.


Benson’s broad shoulders (and again, his chest) made an appearance on Political Animals.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 5.58.44 PM

Benson revealed he was a boxers guy on a brief visit to Shameless. (It must be in Benson’s contract that he appear shirtless in everything.)

james wolk shirtless shameless

So while we have to wait to find out just who Bob Benson really is, we know that this is one international man of mystery to keep our eyes on.