Which Boy Band Member Just Came Out As Bisexual?

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In 2015 (soon to be ’16), taking on the role of “boy band member” basically guarantees you a full career (however long it may last) of fending off gay rumors.

Some, like Nick Jonas, handle them with grace and charm, while others (One Direction…ahem...) consistently fail to see the big picture.

But some of these rumors have to be true — wouldn’t you think?

Well one boybander who we admittedly have never heard of — Taytay Stahrz (yes, Taytay Starhz) — has either decided to cut off a rumor at the pass or hoped coming out might score his band — Franklin Lake — some much-needed publicity by coming out as bisexual.

Either way, welcome to the club Taytay! (Can we call you Taytay?)

“I am bisexual, I am not defined by my sexuality, I love snogging women and proud of who I am and so are my family,” he told the Daily Record after photos surfaced of a likely set-up kiss between him and radio personality Zoe Bell.

Well, we can’t say we quite understand who you are or what that whole kiss was about, but we’re happy you’re living life openly!

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