Why Is NOM’s Press Rep Mary Beth Hutchins Dressing Up As Married Lesbian Jane Lynch?

Though Mary Beth Hutchins’ Twitter username is “MBwithCRC,” she notes in her bio that her “tweets and opinions are my own, not those of CRC Public Relations or my clients.” (She also notes she’s a “Follower of Christ. Now on the fringe of politics.”) Glad she can separate personal from professional! Now, it just so happens that Hutchins is also doing publicity for the National Organization for Marriage, which is why you’ll find her name attached to the group’s press releases. Which makes her Halloween costume choice — Glee‘s Sue Sylvester — all the more confusing.

NOM does not support gay marriage. Actress Jane Lynch does (so much so that she married her partner Lara Embry.) And yet here’s Ms. Hutchins all dressed up as the track suit enthusiast, with a couple of Cheerios by her side, even appearing on’s costume photo gallery. Caption: “My coworkers and friends Allison and Megan and I decided to go as our favorite Glee characters, donning our outfits to work. I still had my soccer warm-up from high school and Allison worked some magic to add ‘WMHS’ to cheerleading costumes Megan found online.” As Good As You notes, she even tweeted the photo to Glee star Chris Colfer, a known homosexual.

Might NOM have a problem with its publicity contact using Halloween as an excuse to dress up as a character a real-life lesbian made into an international phenomenon? Or does Huthcin’s Twitter disclaimer let her off the hook?

Meanwhile, Hutchins’ public relations firm also reps the National Republican Congressional Committee and National Republican Senatorial Committee. Was a John Boehner costume that hard to pull off?