Why The Hell Does Michelle Rodriguez Say She’s Straight When She’s Constantly Making Out With Chicks?

Despite having sexual relationships with women, actress Michelle Rodriguez is adamant that she is not a lesbian. As she emphatically put it earlier this year, “Mitchie likes sausage.” (Yes, that’s a third-person reference to herself as “Mitchie” and a euphemism for dicks in the same sentence. Perhaps you’d like to see it on camera for the full effect.)

We aren’t fooled by such trickery. In fact, we have stopped listening to Michelle’s statements a long time ago, and preferred to believe photographic evidence.

Radar Online recently spotted her on holiday with a ladyfriend in Pervero Beach, Porto Cervo. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Michelle frolicking with women in a more-than-friends fashion, it just reminds us how annoying it is that Michelle continues to go on an “I’m not a lesbian” publicity tour.

Listen, Mitchie, you can like your sausage and your vagina euphemisms, too. We know you were pissed when Curve put you on their cover and touted your interview as being a “coming out” story, but seriously, we don’t need to hear how much you love men in overcompensation. Instead of thinking you’re straight, we just find you irritating and internally homophobic.

Do you kiss your girlfriend with that mouth of yours?

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  • randy

    Oh dear, is this now going to open the floodgates for all those misguided souls who’ll scream “she’s bisexual”? Like that exists……..

  • Jimmy

    And I find your article once again irritating and biphobic. If she identifies as “liking sausage”, but makes out with women, that does *not* mean that she’s a lesbian.

  • christopher di spirito

    Michelle Rodriquez is dyke-phobic? Please.

    Everyone in Los Angeles knows she’s as big a lesbian as kd lang, Tracy Chapman or Jane Lynch. Her denial is especially funny since all of her movie roles are parts where she can play he-women.

  • BlueBird

    @Jimmy I don’t think Queerty asserted that she was a lesbian anywhere in the post. If anything, Queerty is calling her out when she insists that she’s straight, but her actions say otherwise. Nothing biphobic about it. Just exposing hypocrisy.

  • deekin

    She never said she was straight! She just said she’s not gay. It’s called BISEXUAL. How hard is that to understand? I know several bisexual women who had girlfriends then eventually settled with a man and have been happy ever since. And to those who say “Everyone in LA knows she’s a lesbian.” No, actually if you knew anything you’d know she’s dated and hooked up with men throughout the years too. BISEXUALITY people, look it up! It exists. Those who say it doesn’t are just too wrapped up in their own biases and lifestyle to understand that everyone is different.

  • Marky

    When has she ever said she was straight? Why put words into someone’s mouth and then complain about something THEY didn’t even say? She obviously likes both sexes, get over it and mind ya biznass.

  • James

    Women are aloud to play the fence like that,she can be with girls or boys and it’s still fine.But no guy could do that,any pic with a guy kiss another guy he is considered gay no one even bring up that he could be bi.BTW she never said she was str8 just that she like dick so shes bi.

  • missanthrope

    Why are you guys hanging around speculating about other people’s sexuality. And it’s almost the weekend too. Boring.

  • Marky

    @James: exactly

  • Niki

    If she’s gay, she can call me up anytime! She was smokin hot in Resident Evil… I almost cried when she died at the end! (Sorry for the spoiler)

  • Red Meat

    If I was a lesbian, I would like dick too. Everyone know its the best thing in the world. Get over it feminists!

  • Cam

    All of you bi’s that are so eagar to jump on this, try reading what she says. She doesn’t say that she likes men and women….she DENIES any sexual feelings for women claiming to like only men.

    This isn’t her saying “I’m bi” This is her being pathetic and a closet case.

  • Marky

    @Cam: Um, Cam, she hasn’t denied having any feelings for anyone. She has ONLY said she’s not a lesbian. If anything she has ADMITTED being bi just without the label. ie Many years ago, she mentioned experimenting with both sexes. What else do idiots like you want? She never said she was straight and doesn’t deny liking girls, she just denies being fully lesbian. Why is that so hard to understand? Can YOU read? Are YOU braindead? Or just so rainbow flag waving that you can’t understand that not everybody is fully one way or another like you?

  • Wack

    This article sounds like the discourse of an authoritarian figure, only put in a different context. I’d tell you (“we”) to get a life, but obviously this is your life, your celebrity- commenting business in which you patronize a public figure who gets benefit from it (more screen-time). This is all gross the moment you remember you’re talking about someone’s life here, even if it’s a celebrity.

  • jason

    Women are not sexual creatures like men. Their “sexuality” is basically a ploy to obtain some form of advantage. They use it to market themselves in the way a store owner markets his products. It’s basically about achieving a sale.

    I don’t know about Michelle but I think she might be one of the above.

  • Red Meat

    @jason: Women enjoy sex just as much as men. Maybe they are more conservative but only because of society at large, where guys are encouraged and girls are called sluts. You are pathetic.

  • southernyankee1964

    who gives a crap if shes gay,bi or strait. As long as shes not out there slamming our community she does not need to come out as gay.I am sick of poeple second guessing poeples sexuality.Leave her and Queen La Tiffa alone and worry about your own house.

  • jason

    Red Meat,

    I didn’t say that women didn’t enjoy sex, I simply said that they use it as a marketing ploy to obtain an advantage that is unrelated to sexual satisfacton.

    Sex involves many sensory inputs and can be enjoyed by anybody. However, you need to be mindful of the fact that, unlike men, women’s bodies don’t undergo an involuntary act (which, in men, is in the form of erection) when aroused.

    Therefore, there is no outward involuntary evidence to suggest that a woman is indeed interested in the sex act for actual sexual reasons. A woman volunteers her evidence, a man doesn’t. She can fake her interest and get away with it.

    Same applies to same-sex aspects of human sexuality. A woman can fake her interest in same-sex relations.,

  • Red Meat

    @jason: There is nothing that proves what you said is not true, and it probably does happens a lot but you are generalizing women too much.

  • NT


    Sorry to be crude, but can you just cut to the chase and admit that you think that most women are lying whores?

  • Czar

    Why is it anyone else’s business what she is, or what she calls herself? If I knew she was somewhere right now participating in an all girl carpet jamboree, and then she went on TV tomorrow talking about how much she likes dick, it wouldn’t me. Why? None of my business. It’s not for anyone else to impose a label on someone, no matter how much truth there may be in it. Again, mind your business.

    P.S., “jason” is an idiot. Just had to throw that in.

  • Wack

    Jason, shut up.

  • Cam

    @Marky: said…

    “@Cam: Um, Cam, she hasn’t denied having any feelings for anyone. She has ONLY said she’s not a lesbian. If anything she has ADMITTED being bi just without the label. ie Many years ago, she mentioned experimenting with both sexes. What else do idiots like you want? She never said she was straight and doesn’t deny liking girls, she just denies being fully lesbian. Why is that so hard to understand? Can YOU read? Are YOU braindead? Or just so rainbow flag waving that you can’t understand that not everybody is fully one way or another like you?”

    Your ridiculous little foaming at the mouth name calling spree shows that you can’t have a discussion, but instead behave like a 7 year old hyperactive child who just had his twinkie taken away.

    Rodriguez said that she is not a lesbian, she likes Sausage. That is not saying “I’m bi”, that isn’t saying “I like both” that is saying “No girls, I like dick”/

    The pathetic thing is that you guys LOVE to pretend that closet cases don’t exist, that every single person out there is bi, and then instead of admitting that there could be somebody who is a closet case you run screaming onto the boards crying about how discriminated you are…. Well funny, look at your post to me, who was the one being attacked? It sure wasn’t you. So actually, you are the one discriminating here.

  • The GOP hates GAYS (John from England)


    Spot on Jason!

    Please don’t change. You are the only one not afraid to say the truth through these pathetic fan boys/gurls on this thread.


    Lol, right? ;-) Heh, he’s just trying to be polite but women are lying whores. And they get away with it-look at Casey Anthony!

    I mean who CARES about Michelle anyway? Take a chill pill.

  • Riiight

    At Jason here.

    You do realise that there are decades worth of study on human sexuality right? Female biological reactions to arousal include engorgement of the labia and clitoris, increase in breast size and notable release of lubrication from the vagina. Not being able to hang a coat from it doesn’t mean women do not get horny or enjoy sex for the same reasons men enjoy sex. Seriously, if yu actually spent any tine talking to women about sexuality you’d know his.

    A vey easy way to view this would be to even consider why women have sex with other women if all that they want is some intellectual outcome.

    As for this particular woman, I seriously do not care who she sleeps with or who she dates so long as she is happy and fulfilled. Her own sexuality isn’t anyone elses issue, so I have no idea why an issue is being made of it.

  • Carl

    For crying out loud, people need to learn to read. She hasn’t said she doesn’t like women. She has said she liked men. Note – she hasn’t stated she ONLY likes men, just that she does like them. I sometimes say that I like women – I do. Sometimes I say I like men – I do. Sometimes, I say I like both – I do.

    It couldn’t possibly be that she is Really Pissed Off with people asking her questions that are None Of Their Business? It reads to me that she is royally brassed off and is making comments purely to try and get people to leave her alone.

    So long as she isn’t campaigning against gay rights, it’s no ones business but her own. To me, the evidence is clear that she’s bisexual – she has been linked to men and women, has professed her attraction to men and has never denied an attraction to women (she has simply deflected such questions with comments like the sausage one above that don’t actually deny anything). To me this is clear evidence that she Doesn’t Want To Talk About It.

    Leave the woman alone already, who gives a shit who she hooks up with.

  • C.V.X

    Sure, she’s into dick and totally bi. Right up there with Amber Heard and Jillian Michaels.
    Because people never alter their sexuality to seem more mainstream.

  • Riiight

    Or, you know, some people don’t feel the need to scream their sexuality from the rooftops because it’s the only “interesting” thing about them.

  • Carl

    @C.V.X – were she flaunting her sexuality in front of the cameras, I might agree. But she is seemingly steadfast in wanting that part of her private life *private*. Note that all the pictures of her with women are paparazzi shots. So long as she isn’t campaigning against LGBT rights whilst frolicking with women, I say leave her be. Who’s business is it except her own? Why are we obsessed about someone who simply doesn’t feel the need to talk about it?

  • Cam


    Yes, her life should be private. That is why she also hides the fact that she is hispanic and that she is a woman. (Eye Roll)

  • Riiight

    Cam, could I ask you about yor medical history, what your salary is, all the people you have ever slept with and if you have any fetishes? I’m sure that since you are so dismissive of privacy you won’t mind sharing it with us.

  • wtf

    I’m happy to put her in the “bi” category when you can find ANY pictures of her making out with a guy, like EVER. She’s ALWAYS macking on the girls. She knows it increases her on-screen sex appeal to be “bi” so she is coy and says she likes sausage. She doesn’t say she likes COCK or MEN just SAUSAGE. So big deal, she eats turkey sausage. It’s LA. Everyone does that.
    Girl is a LESBIAN and everyone in H’wood knows it. If you don’t live out here, then STFU already cuz ya obviously don’t know $hit!

  • SBC19

    Whatever Michelle is or isn’t is for her (and the people she chooses to share that info with) to know. She doesn’t have to have a telling People magazine cover, candid Today show interview, or blunt celeb blog entry about her sexuality if she’d rather NOT.

    I swear, catty, buttinski, pseudo activist homos mad because some suspected celebrity fits the uniform, but opts to not wear it in public so they can feel more validated by boasting another famous name as being ‘like them.’ Get some business of your own, and mind it. I don’t need Michelle to be a foot soldier for “the cause”, why do you?

  • jason

    Michelle Rodriguez has done nothing for the GLBT community as far as I know. As for whether we should be harping on her sexuality, well, she is a public figure who exploits herself in order to increase her income. She isn’t just some factory hand or fruit picker who’s out there minding her own business and not seeking the limelight.

    Once you’re in the limelight business, you can expect to have the glare of the media on you. We are just as entitled to criticize Michelle Rodriguez as we are to criticize any other actor or actress.

  • Riiight

    I’d say exactly to that, we are as entitled to critisize her as we are any other actor, so I’m going to go sit down with the Equity registration list and call up anyone who’s ever been in a dramatic production because knowing their sexual identity is “in the public interest” and it’s my right as a gay guy to be informed.

  • The Artist

    Because it is NO ONE’S business who Michelle is ZOOMING! PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • Carl

    @Cam – since privacy matters little to you, could I have your date of birth, full name and a few other details? I could do with a second identity.

    @wtf – she has been linked romantically to both Vin Diesel and Olivier Martinez. And what relation is distance to rumours? Whether I am on the same street, continent or merely the same planet doesn’t affect the value of a rumour. It is *rumoured* she is a lesbian. Then again, at work I am known as ‘the gay guy’ despite being bisexual. So excuse me if I take the evidence and her own words (about having experimented with both sexes) over rumours you ‘swear’ are true. Like that rumour at work that I got a promotion cos I was shagging a manager. Because you know, two ‘gay’ guys who know each other to say hello to *have* to be having sex. Everyone swears that was true (it wasn’t).

    @Jason – so, you are saying that public figures forfeit all right to privacy? Sorry, I call bulls**t on that. She chose to be an actress – many actors and actresses HATE the publicity, they do the job because they *enjoy* acting. Just because someone is an actor does not mean they no longer have a right to privacy. That is one of the most disgusting and pervasive violations hollywood and the press have created. If she doesn’t want to talk about, she bloody well doesn’t have to. And if she doesn’t want to, yet people keep bringing it up, of course she’s going to get pissed off.

    But back to public figures – Jason, you post openly in a public forum, so you must enjoy being a public figure, yes? So, can I hang about near your home, follow you for days on end, photo you from great distances etc? Maybe go through your rubbish bins? You know, all that shit people in the public eye put up with. Just because it is common in this day and age does NOT make it right.

    @Riiight – great posts :-)

  • jason


    I don’t market my image in order to make money. I’m simply donating my services to queerty’s commentary sections.

    Michelle Rodriguez, on the other hand, is in the marketing business. She’s making money from movies, appearances, publicity etc etc.

  • Carl

    And exactly what relevance is that? She is an actress so gets no privacy? Sorry, but that’s bollocks. This voyeuristic attitude to the lives of actors, actresses and other famous people is deeply disturbing. I just don’t get this fascination with whom celebrities have in their bed (obviously, if she was publicly decrying LGBT people, it would be a matter of hypocrisy and thus of interest). Is she a good actress? That is ALL I am bothered about. Who she cops off with is irrelevant. I’m not some sheep-like voyeur of celebrities.

    MR has made her ACTING a public image. She has largely tried to keep her private life private and that should be respected. Some celebs go the whole hog (like Elton John) and live almost their entire lives in front of the camera. Others don’t (Rob Halford, for example). Clearly, she desires to be in the latter camp. And that is fine. Leave the woman alone, the “she’s in the public eye” excuse is just that – an excuse and a paper thin one at that.

    (And yes, I picked two gay men as examples specifically – Rob’s sexuality has been irrelevant for decades and so should Michelle’s be. He never spoke out against LGBT people and so people just let it be.)

  • Cam

    @Riiight: said…

    “Cam, could I ask you about yor medical history, what your salary is, all the people you have ever slept with and if you have any fetishes? ”

    What I find nausiating is that you would compare who she is, to somebody else’s fetish.

    Nobody is asking her if she likes to be pissed on or tied up. And the fact that you think being gay is the same as that says a huge amount about you. This is no different than a straight actress being asked how she and her boyfriend met.

  • Cam

    @Carl: said…

    “No. 37 · Carl
    @Cam – since privacy matters little to you, could I have your date of birth, full name and a few other details? I could do with a second identity.”

    Hey Carl, Considering that all that information about her is already out there it isn’t a great argument against her wanting privacy now is it? I just love these public closet cases, they are public about everything else (Remember she’s given interviews about her arrests) but that only the subject of who they are is supossedly horrible and private.

  • Carl

    You missed the point Cam. The point I was getting at, is how would you feel having people continually poking into things you have made it clear you don’t want to discuss, invading your privacy. She doesn’t want to discuss the matter, she isn’t anti-gay, she wants that part of her life *private*. So be it. Just because she is an actress doesn’t mean she loses that right. The fact that she is quite open with displays of affection around people she knows (going back to my earlier comment that *every* shot of her with a woman is a pervy paparazzi spy shot – those perverts should be arrested, every last one of them) shows that she isn’t a closet case – she just isn’t jumping up and down on a stage, screaming into a microphone “look at me! I shag women!”.

    All this public voyeurism is disgusting, really turns my stomach. If her acting is okay, that’s ALL that matters. Acting is her job, judge her on that. If she doesn’t want to make all of her life public, so be it. Leave the woman alone already. She doesn’t want to share except with those close to her, so be it.

  • Riiight

    I personally see the cnnection between sexual orientation and fetishism (and partialism) to be quite refreshing, because it opens sexuality up. It says “well this is what I find sexually interesting” the implication that everyone is attracted to something, and all the camps have something in common. It turns it from two armies looking at eachother from across a no mans land into everyone linked ad mingling together. I also think it’s rather insulting to suggest that my personal interest in men is sexually more imortant than someone across the roads sexuall interest in women wearing rubber.

    When we get to the stage when everyone personal, sexual interests (so long as they are concentual ofc) are their personal intelectual property to share, then the happier I’ll be. Sexuality should not be something we have to divulge just to suite someone elses voyeurism.

  • Cam

    @Carl: said…

    “You missed the point Cam. The point I was getting at, is how would you feel having people continually poking into things you have made it clear you don’t want to discuss, invading your privacy.”

    Yes, you’re right, and if somebody hated attention they would most likely not continually audition for acting roles where a large part of the job was publicity, interviews, and going to public red carpet events. There are multiple areas of acting outside Hollywood that do not put your life on display, yet she did not choose that. She is happy to give interviews, talk about anything, her arrest, her love of sausage, etc… She isn’t saying “Don’t ask me that, it’s private” she is clearly saying “I like dick”

    It isn’t our fault that every 5 minutes she is photographed making out with a women.

  • Carl

    Some people have subjects they talk about freely and some they don’t. I too freely discuss my arrest, but dislike talking about my relationships. Don’t confuse being open about one thing with everything being an open subject. And press conferences are totally different. She isn’t photographed with women, she is SPIED on with women. This celebrity voyeurism needs to end, its deeply disturbing. The woman wants some privacy and she is entitled to it.

  • Zeus

    I never understood this. She’s not some hot young actress, she’s the tough chick in movies who never stars in a movie by herself. She is always in supporting roles, and if that ever changed she would still be playing some big badass girl. So why does she need to fake straight? She’s not getting people to go see movies she’s in based on her sex appeal and droves of guys wanting to date her. No guys are jackin it to her anyway, and if they are they probably wouldn’t care if she were a lesbian.

    Oh, and I’m not saying she’s unattractive, she’s just very butch and most guys aren’t into that.

  • Cam

    @Carl: said.,.. “Some people have subjects they talk about freely and some they don’t. I too freely discuss my arrest, but dislike talking about my relationships. Don’t confuse being open about one thing with everything being an open subject. ”

    She already spoke about it. She said she like Sausage.

  • McGullen

    That girl has her hand on Mitchie’s foot as she’s kissing her. They’ve totally done this hundreds of times. Time to own up to your girlfriend, Mitchie.

  • Carl

    Except you are putting words in her mouth she never said. What she has said is she is attracted to men. She has never recanted what she has said in the past about having had partners of both sexes. What she has made clear is her frustration at others labelling her. It’s clear from her words and attitude this perverted voyeurism is pissing her off. She doesn’t want to label herself and i think its fairly clear she doesn’t want to duscuss it beyond making flippant comments to try and get the sad, lonely gossips out there to leave her spine.

  • Carl

    *alone, stupid ‘smartphone’

  • Abirdwillingtobeitself

    She’s a celebrity, and celebrities get outed. That’s what happens. If she doesn’t want the publicity, maybe she should stop dating girls.

  • zintheth

    Even if she was bi, what really bothers me is the overcompensating, if she wants to keep her sexuality private, she could just shut up, or said she wasn’t a lesbian, period. There was no need to bring up sausages…

  • Cam


    No, you’re the one putting words in her mouth and saying “This is what she meant.” She is just the typical closet case overcompensating.

  • Carl

    No Cam, *you* are putting words in her mouth. She has, in the past, doscussed an attraction to both genders. Now she says she likes ‘sausages’ but doesn’t say anything for or against a possibility it same-sex attraction. How you got from that to “she’s saying she’s straight” I dont know, because its one of the most absurd leaps of logic ever. Clearly, she is comfortable with her sexuality, whatever it is, around friends. If she doesn’t want to specify that publicly that is her choice.

  • Cam


    Nice try, in several interviews she says “I like Men”. I absolutly LOVE how you say that she is bi because she DOESN’T say anything against a same sex relationship. Well that must mean that she is also a bunny rabbit because she doesn’t say anything non-bunny rabbit.

    Your issue was at first the whole, how dare anybody ask any questions about her live ever! Now you are dancing around because it was pointed out that this is somebody who not only sought out publicity, but who has spoken about every other aspect of her life. So now you change to the whole, she’s probably bi because at one time when the sun was pink and the moon was blue, she didn’t say something, that maybe she would have said iff……

    You can tortoure the facts all you want. Fact is, she is just another boring pathetic closet case.

  • Carl

    What makes many of us say she may be bi is that she HAS mentioned, in the past, that she has been involved with men and women. Geez, engage your brain kid, this ain’t rocket science. If she has stated in the past that she has been involved with both genders, recently said she likes ‘sausage’ but hasn’t said she no longer likes women – how is that saying she’s straight? Cos to me it looks like someone reminding bigots that she is attracted to men as well, not just women. It’s called historical context. People keep saying she’s a lesbian, clearly she feels this is untrue and thus addresses it from time to time.

    And I am not “dancing around” this in any way – that would be you, because you know I hammered home the point that just because someone is an actor/actress it does not give voyeuristic perverts like you a free pass to examine every aspect of their life. This filthy practice has only really come about in the last couple of decades and is one we should reject right now. I have presented simple, clear and multi-faceted points that you have essentially ignored, stuck your fingers in your ears and gone “lalalala” to or even simply misinterpreted (the point wasn’t “how dare people ask questions” but “what business is it of others?”, to which you answered ‘because she’s in the public eye’ – sorry, that excuse is pathetic).

    The evidence of these paparazzi photos show quite clearly that she isn’t shy about her sexuality – whatever it is – amongst friends, so she isn’t closeted. She simply isn’t waving it around for all to see – oddly, many of us are exactly like that. We live our lives and don’t spend every waking moment saying “hey, I’m gay, did you know that?”. Just because an LGBT person is in the media does not mean they HAVE to be centre stage, screaming their sexuality for the whole world to see (which appears to be your implication) or ‘representing’ LGBT’s. They are as entitled as anyone else to simply be. She simply appears to have decided (and who can blame her with bigots like YOU insulting her) that it is not a subject she wishes to explore in much detail in a public arena, beyond making comments that she isn’t a lesbian. And again, given the reaction of people like you, who can blame her?

    But I get the feeling logical thought and debate isn’t going to work with you. You’ve clearly set your narrow, bigoted, little mind onto the view that she’s a ‘closet case’ (something unsupported by What We Know and what common sense says as well) and even if she were to hold a “Hey, I’m party”, you’d still not be satisfied. You know, it’s tragic – we face enough bigots attacking us from outside, without people like you aiding them.

  • Abirdwillingtobeitself

    Carl, did you watch the video? Michelle said “I’m not a lesbian” when she was asked if there were any rumors she wanted to clear up. She’s in the closet.

  • Carl

    In the past she has said that she has been involved with men and women, thus saying she is a lesbian is wrong. I have had relationships with men and women, am I gay? No. And I call out anyone who calls me gay, because I am not. Further, just because she doesn’t want much publicity about it doesn’t make her closeted.

  • Cam

    @Carl: said…

    “What makes many of us say she may be bi is that she HAS mentioned, in the past, that she has been involved with men and women. ”

    No she hasn’t. If she has, lets see the link to these comments you claim she has made so often.

  • Joe

    @Cam: She’s a bad actress and a crappy role model. Who gives a shit?

  • Alan

    Sorry Randy, there is a thing called bisexuality. I’m guessing you haven’t heard of the Kinsey scale. Sexuality isn’t a neat box you can compartmentalize, no matter how much you wish it was.

  • Abirdwillingtobeitself

    @Alan: Maybe Randy thinks people who are bisexual have to like both sexes equally, but that’s not true. It just means that a person is attracted to both. As a sexual orientation, it stays the same no matter which sex, same or opposite, a person is dating at the time.

  • Ava

    @deekin: Yeah but she never claimed to be bisexual. And yes, in fact, she has called herself straight, on several occasions.

  • Carl

    In the clip MR states that 1) She is not a lesbian and 2) likes ‘sausage’. Also, note the way the statement is delivered, the laughter and joking tone. Now, this statement clearly doesn’t address the possibility of bisexuality. She has been linked romantically to several men in the past. We also have spy-photos of her with women. This is a pretty simple equation guys, I’m sure even the product of America’s educational system can work it out, but just in case:

    Attracted to members of the opposite sex + attracted to members of the same sex = ?

    I also found this on AfterEllen, but the video is no longer available due to a copyright claim. So all we have is the sites single-sentence description:

    Michelle after questioned about her Sexuality Michelle replies I like it all! I like it all baby! She admits to being bisexual to the extrem. Though we’ve only seen her with girls in public.

    But now lets look at her response in general to inquiries into her sex life:

    Actress Michelle Rodriguez refuses to address constant rumors about her sexuality, because whether or not she is gay is “nobody’s business”. The former Lost star has long been dogged by reports she is a ‘closet’ lesbian, but she insists she will never tell all about her private life – instead choosing to avoid speculation by journalists and online bloggers by imagining them as swine.

    She tells Latina magazine, “I picture them turning into pigs, slime coming out the side of their mouth, and I picture them jerking off. I don’t answer those questions. I just keep it to myself and it’s nobody’s business. If I wanna f**k a girl, a boy, a dog-that’s my business. That’s why there’s bathroom doors.” And Rodriguez cannot grasp why the public want to know so much about her love life.

    She adds, “What the majority of (people) want to know is what I’m doing with my vagina, and I think that that’s sick. What do you care who I’m dating? I can tell when somebody just wants to know about sex. And it makes me sick.”

    And (she also touches on a genuine issue – homophobia and the effect coming out can have on careers):

    Rodriguez writes that her sexuality is nobody’s business. “If I wanted people to know what I do with my vagina I would have released a sex video a long time ago,” she quips. “Yet I haven’t done that.”

    Being labeled a lesbian, she says, would have a negative impact on her career: “There are certain things that can close doors between a celebrity and certain audiences. … If I were Ellen [DeGeneres] I may get away with the ‘I’m gay’ level of exposure, but I’m not a comedian, I like men (real ones anyway) and I’ve only been in this business for seven years, not 20.”,,20037867,00.html

    From these statements it is quite clear that she regards her sexuality as her business and no-one elses, other than making some puns (again, watch the video and pay attention to her tone and style of delivery – it is clearly an attempt to deal with the recurring question with some humour and a sense of fun) and comments to essentially get people to mind their own business.

    And I have to agree with her 100% that the current obsession with what celebrities do with their privates is gross. I enjoyed her roles in Avatar, Battle: Los Angeles and Resident Evil (don’t ask, for some reason I love those films lol) – then again, I think tomboy girls are hot, always have lol

    Also, I will admit we do see some flip-flopping in her stance as regarding is this a private matter or one open to discussion – at first she is open in chatting about it, but has become more opposed to doing so over time. I think this opinion shift can probably be attributed to frustration and getting fed up with the rumours – I know my views on certain matters have changed over time, so I don’t see why her position can’t have changed in regards to this.

  • Carl

    Whoops, got distracted googling and forgot to finish my penultimate paragraph.

    And I have to agree with her 100% that the current obsession with what celebrities do with their privates is gross. I enjoyed her roles in Avatar, Battle: Los Angeles and Resident Evil (don’t ask, for some reason I love those films lol) – then again, I think tomboy girls are hot, always have lol **Ultimately, her acting is more important to me than her sexuality. She plays the tomboy character archetype well. She fits well on screen (even if her Avatar character did come off a little bit “Vasquez with a chopper”).**

  • Carl

    Finally, my google-fu skills have paid off. Michelle admitted having “experimented” with women in a 2006 interview with UK Cosmopolitan. Clearly, 5 years is a long time and it’s a little more than ‘experimenting’ now.

    The following is included at the very bottom of the article:

    EXTRA (from the author of this article): “I love Lost, so interviewing Michelle Rodriguez, the new star of the series, was thrilling,” says Lucy Broadbent, author of ‘Lost Girl’ (pg 78). “There was something about her that suggested to me she might be gay. I was hesitant about asking, but she was so easy to talk to that I took the plunge. She said she wasn’t, but that she’d experimented with both sexes. I found it admiriable that she was so open about it.”

    Are we all happy now? This is settled, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Rosebud


    Is this Jimmy Mcmeekin?

  • rizarection

    hey guys,!i am more like michelle. don’t yo ever say that mitch is a lesbian or whatever. she’s just being herself to enjoy with this chics. fuck to all mitch crashers. luv yah michelle.

  • Wilma

    Maan, why people always in other people business? First of all the gyal look like a man, is like people so noisy that they don’t even mind their own business they days. Oh yeah thats right they had time to erase their shit yuh? Well Girlfight,Swat keep up the masculinity, i think that men gay and straight probably jealous of the things you can do all by yourself. Another thing be careful in this world ms playstation two, strong people like us get taken advantage of. Anyway hope this helps your spirits stud for life. I don’t expect a reply from you celebrities but hey… bless up.

  • RG

    No guys are “Jackin” to pictures of Michelle? Think again. If she did a sex video (of any variety) it would sell. No question.

  • John

    Yeah, she likes dick alright. She wishes she had one…

  • @corvera

    ok in the picture on top michelle has her hand on her own lap
    In the one at the bottom the woman has her hands on michelles back and foot if you zoom in michelle has a
    Frown on her face plus the other lady is just wispering something in her ear so its the lady whose all over
    Michelle and I don’t blame her ;D do you

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