Why Your Phone Is Ringing With News Gay D.C. Councilman Jim Graham Paid For a Colleague’s Abortion

Jim Graham paid for an abortion for his male companion’s chief of staff’s girlfriend. It’s no secret, as reported by a local newspaper. Paying to take the life is evil, especially when you weren’t even the parent. Jim Graham is wretched, immoral and doesn’t deserve to represent us. Let’s get a decent human being to fight for our children, not kill them. Graham is sick and we can do better. Do not vote for Jim Graham.

—The audio of an anonymous robocall going out in the D.C. area attacking gay City Councilman Jim Graham, based on this report about Graham charging $3,200 for the abortion to his personal credit card, which was repaid by former staffer Ted Loza, who stands accused of taking bribes. Graham isn’t pleased. [via]