Winning Wedgie Gets 5000 Dollars; Frat Boys Celebrate Reason To Practice

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t love Ginch Gonch underwear–technicolor skivvies with Underroos-inspired prints of stars and fire trucks and rockets, oh my! And while we usually require underwear companies to send us freebies each time we mention them by name on our site (we must first test the new merchandise, of course!) we are thrilled to announce Ginch Gonch’s Wedgie Contest: take a picture or video of the best wedgie, and you win $5000.

052-mens-pinkstar-spbrief.jpegThe site displays conflicting application deadlines; one page says the deadline is April 14, another says April 30. So hurry up, get out those cameras, and git er done early just to make sure you’re in on time. Email your picture or video to [email protected]. You don’t have to be wearing Ginch Gonch underwear to win, although we think that might help.

Creativity is encouraged. If you need help deciding if your entry is worthy of the big prize, feel free to email [email protected].

(Thanks to Fleshbot for the tip, a very NSFW site. Not that we read it during work hours.)