Wisc. Conservatives Use Money For Evil

We’ve been all over Wisconsin today! First we had the story on Elton John‘s $20K donation to Fair Wisconsin. Then we posted that nasty “Vote Yes” video. Now, we bring you what will most likely be the last Wisconsin note of the day (tear).

The Coalition for America’s Families, the homo-hating organization led by the former Wisconsin GOP chairman, Steve King (pictured on a recent trip to hell) has donated $385,000 to the Vote Yes for Marriage campaign.

Shit, that’s a lot of money. They must really want that proposed amendment that would further constrict marriage’s parameters.

Ryan Foley (!) from The Associated Press reports:

The money from the Middleton-based Coalition for America’s Families will help fund television advertisements meant to bolster conservative turnout on Nov. 7.

Vote Yes for Marriage in turn has booked at least $266,000 in television advertisements in the Milwaukee and Green Bay markets to try to sway voters in favor of a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage. The group released its first ad on Monday.

We’re assuming that commercial is the same one that produced our aforementioned rainbow chunks.

We feel really bad for you guys up in Wisconsin. Hopefully you have digital recording and can just fast-forward through the media blitz.

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