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Yet Again, GOProud Threatens To Sink Conservative Circle Jerk CPAC

“Family, faith, and traditional marriage” are the core tenets of conservatism, you’ll be interested to know from the American Principles Project’s Malia Blom, who forgot to mention “small government” and “no taxes.” And because the traveling salesmen at GOProud are made up of homosexuals (barely) pushing for LGBT equality, APP cannot in good faith stand by and attend CPAC next year next to neo-homo-conservatives.

Appearing on CBN, Blom echoes the concerns of groups like the Family Research Council and American Family Association: If CPAC lets in the gays, then it’s not a true gathering of conservatives.

Haven’t we been here before? Oh, right, at 2010’s CPAC, when it was mostly the Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber causing a stink about GOProud’s participation. But if leading hate groups like FOTF and AFA, along with APP, pull out, what will be left of CPAC?

Oh, just the real funbags.

Really, people. You’re giving GOProud too much power. But snaps to Blom for the football analogy!