You Can Get Kicked Out Of Your Apartment For Being a Homophobic Douche

There are bad neighbors, and then there’s Alex Adams (left), a 19-year-old who’s spent his time in a Leeds condo complex, in the U.K., terrorizing his neighbors since he moved in last April. “Violence, criminal damage and late-night parties with gangs of youths” forced three neighbors to pack up and move out, including the Rev. Christopher Denton (right), a gay minister who’s decamped to his car because of the alleged homophobic abuse Adams aimed his way. And now, justice: He’s been evicted from the nine-story building after 16 witnesses testified against him. Adams didn’t contest his ouster. [Yorkshire Post]

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  • whatever

    white homophobia is terrible.

  • Jack

    Sad to watch a kid fighting his own sexuality…

  • riony


    .. Any homophobia is terrible?

  • whatever

    @riony: Yeah, but imagine if the perp in this story were black. there’d already be dozens of responses decrying the persistent and pervasive homophobia in the black community.

    as it stands, the story barely registers.

  • Joseph

    It is true, white homophobia is more shocking, because it’s just assumed for everyone else.

  • Fitz

    Asswipe idiot.

  • Lexxvs

    It’s not very clear what that scumbag really did –the article is not specific- but it is clear that if they decided to evict him probably he deserved a much harder punishment. Fail of the law maybe. Or the justice. Or both.

  • Rick Brannon

    He has PERVASIVE gayface.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @whatever: Your race card was declined. Please try another card.

  • whatever

    @Queer Supremacist: pardon me, but your white sheet is showing.

  • Chris

    Where’s adman talking about working out his white privilege now?

  • IonMusic

    @whatever: Nice attempt at trying to spin yet ANOTHER story where the victim is gay in to yet ANOTHER race card story. Does every gay related story have to turn in to a story for us to feel sorry for blacks? you turned Prop 8 against gays (after blacks voted for it) and in the most calculating, manipulative manner made it so gays were the bad guys and blacks were YETE AGAIN “woe is me” victims in that situation too. Your little “must be the only victims” routine is getting old and even people on this site are calling you race baiters out for it. This is a GAY website. If you want to talk about race relations..take it elsewhere. Here, I only care about gay victims and gay triumph.

  • Blaine Ward

    @CONVERSATION CHAMBER: You call him an idiot for saying something that is actually correct? If anyone’s an idiot here, that would be you!

  • Queer Supremacist

    @whatever: Fuck you, Louisa Farrakhan. You’re nothing but a petty little race hustler and a racist and you know it. Take your “kill gay whitey” and “Obama über alles” schtick back to the slime out of which you crawled.

    I am no longer defending racist scum against racist attacks.

  • adman

    @Chris: You still making racial hay little pussy boy? Go back to kissing preacher ass, before I pimp you at the bus stop. As usual, nothing to say, just derail, obfuscate, and distract. You got nothing, and it’s sad, but I realized this last few days, I don’t care. Black America can and will eat a dick when we get our rights regardless. Good luck with the figment in the sky and his attendant “socially conservative” lifestyle, douche.

  • BobP

    The story is about a homophobic white guy harassing his neighbors. Turning into black/white bitchfest is just racist.

  • Jack

    I think it was the sum total of this guy’s bad behavior, not specifically how he treated his gay neighbor. From another news source:

    “District Judge David Kitson gave a premise closure order, telling the court: ‘There are some 31 complaints in total, ranging from loud music, abusive and vulgar language, violence and threats of violence against neighbours who have dared to complain.

    ‘Large numbers of young people congregate at the premises at all hours, often in drink, creating such concern and fear for the residents that three of them have left the flats and are frightened to return whilst Mr Adams remains a threat.’

    Adams and his friends also were accused of shouting obscenities at school girls and of throwing a fridge from a balcony. The parties at his house often escalated into gang-like violence and resulted in damage to communal areas.”

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