GOP Death Watch

You Know You’re Having a Bad Day When You Get Campaign Advice from Mark Foley

As the Romney campaign meltdown continues and Mitt does his best imitation of a snowman in July, he can always rely on the wise counsel of his friends. Among them is Mark Foley, whose illustrious political career as a U.S. Representative reached a pinnacle when he was forced to resign for hitting on male Congressional pages. This after reporters in LGBT media begged him to come out publicly in print (and free of scandal). Since resigning from Congress, Foley has settled into the last bastion of blowhards, talk radio, and equivocated about reviving his political career. Last month, he showed up as a guest of GOProud at the Republican convention in Florida, proving that gay Republicans’ A-list would be anyone else’s D-list.

In the wake of Romney’s latest foot-in-mouth outbreak, Foley had some sage advice for the Republican presidential nominee. “You always have to assume, and I know this better than anyone, that anything you do in public life will catch up with you,” Foley told a local TV station.