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Zachary Quinto Explains Why Coming Out Publicly Was A Great Career Move

zq-widescreen-wallpaper-zachary-quinto-11537958-2560-1600I work more now than I ever did when I was in the closet and I’m doing a wider range and variety of roles than I ever did before I came out. I feel like that’s what I need to keep demanding of myself and what I need to keep demanding of the industry.”


Zachary Quinto, who first publicly acknowledged he was gay in 2011, reveals why his career is stronger than ever in a new interview with The Telegraph

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  • Lancome Counter

    Because Tori Spelling said on the DVD commentary of So NoTorious that all her male cast members are either gay or married and since he wasn’t married it meant he is gay…

  • CarlynLawson1234


  • Glücklich

    He’s so attractive. Love that dark hair and dark five o’clock shadow.

  • Clark35

    That’s good that he’s out, but I doubt more closeted LGB actors/actresses will come out.

  • jantheman4903

    he is also a truly phenominally gifted actor..and at the right time. i think of all the roles rupert everett should have had, tho he is a bit self-destructive.

  • Captain Obvious

    Honestly I first saw him on Tori Spellings faux-reality show which was hilarious and deserved a much longer run. I thought he was out at the time because it was so painfully obvious. Then again people he publicly dated while hiding it are still somehow closeted too.

    Dunno how Hollyweird managed to make obviously gay men seem straight to the general public.

  • silveroracle

    Didn’t even know that he was gay.
    The old gaydar didn’t go off.

  • JessPH

    He’s being offered more roles now because he was phenomenal in Star Trek and not because he came out gay. In fact, he did the right thing of coming out after getting the role of Spock because heteronormal Hollywood would certainly not cast a gay man to play such beloved character.

  • Gordon Karpen

    ??I like his timing and I think he’s a
    good leading man type in mysteries.

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