PHOTOS: 10 “Coldest” DJs Who Make Us Sweat

When Coors Light approached GayCities to find the “Coldest” DJs in Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Columbus, we had no idea the nominees would be so hot! We’re talking Rihanna at the After-Party featuring Azealia Banks and Frank Ocean (The Calvin Harris Remix) hot.

Today is the last day to vote for your favorite DJ in the “Coldest” contest, so check out all the steamy nominees and vote for the boys who keep you going strong from dusk ’till dawn.

DJ Aaron Elvis flexes his stuff at L.A.’s Cocked and Loaded and Mr. Black.

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Columbus’ DJ Fierce Tease can be found at Axis Nightclub.

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 DJ Guy Ruben is a power player often found at the Powerhouse and Rebel.

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L.A.’s DJ Nelstar will tickle your earbuds along with your lips during LipTickler Tuesdays at Micky’s.

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San Francisco’s DJ Haute Toddy serves it up with a side of honey during his Indie Cent party at Underground SF.

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There are tons of DJs who do porn and tons of pornstars who (think) they can DJ, but there is only one DJ Pornstar.

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Let San Francisco’s DJ Tristan Jaxx make you Climaxx at Beatbox this Folsom St. Fair weekend.

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DJ Brandon Moses is a favorite at Dallas’ Purple Party, White Party and Red Party, but as you can see, he looks better in flesh color.

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Argentina-born, SoCal-based DJ Dan De Leon has spun for circuit parties all over the world, including the high seas.

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Let’s just say it takes a lot to clean up West Hollywood after DJ Drew G spins at Micky’s for his Dirty Pop parties.

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  • Spike

    Still promoting COORS I see.

    Shame on you Queerty.

  • Niall

    None of these guys are even that “hot”. #4 looks like Tom Hardy. #6 and #8 aren’t that bad though, and is that a peen outline I see in #7?

  • Rockery

    They are all pretty hot

  • Eric Auerbach


  • FStratford

    I dont drink Coors but I have seen them advertise their light beer as Great Light Beer Taste (GLBT). I think they should get kudos for that – considering that these are public ads.

  • balehead

    so much jealous! start loving yourselves already….like you’d kick any of these guys out of your bed!!

  • trborg

    What? No Perry Twins??? Damn!!

  • TIM

    This is so ridiculous! DJ’s? Disc Jockeys?!?! Suddenly they’re celebrities? How many post-graduate degrees does it take to press a button to play the next song?

  • Sebizzar

    @TIM: What’s ridiculous is your comment, only proving you know nothing about DJ’ing.

  • Sebizzar

    Anyway, damn I want to go to their clubs now lol ;P

  • erasure25

    I agree with #2. I expect to see a list of hottie Chik-fil-a servers on a future post.

  • Cyclopsed

    He’s making a basic error when he equates bareback sex to cigarettes and fast food; Bareback is the natural state of life. It has always and will always exist as long as there are things with pulses who like to fuck. Cigarettes and fast food are industrial products contrived by humans for one reason or another… If you never showed a young person a cigarette or someone smoking, they wouldn’t just spontaneously have every cell in their body enlisted in accomplish that physical act. No one has to “teach” you to want to get it on.

  • Arconcyyon

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