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15 People You’d Never Expect To See On Grindr

That little cruise bar in your pocket, Grindr, is so ubiquitous there’s even a musical about it. Everyone’s got it, and we mean everyone. But we aren’t ones to judge. Everybody needs somebody, so who can blame these souls in search of connection in the digital age?

That being said, think twice before you decide to canoodle with any of these sketchy characters.

1. Madame LaLaurie


2. Gandalf the Pink


3. Edward Snowden 


4. Madison Montgomery


5. Jessica Fletcher


6. Daria


7. Ken


8. Captain Hook


9. Gaston


10. Britney


11. The Matchmaker from Mulan


12. Mr. Bean Photobomb


13. Your lunch lady


14. Shaggy…we hope


15. Carrot


Images via lolgrindr

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  • Sebizzar

    LOL, I love these! They definitely lighten things up in the sea of headless torsos.

  • the other Greg

    15. Carrot is jimbryant’s dream date!

  • Rad

    Why does EVERY blog discussion seem to start with someone posting SPAM?

  • Ridpathos

    I lost it at Fa Mulan. xDD

  • robirob

    OK, the J.B. Fletcher one almost makes me want to buy an iPhone and get on Grindr.

  • Icebloo

    A new low for Queerty. Do you have a 12 year old boy writing this pathetic articles ?

    It’s OK not to have any news updates if there is no relevant news. You don’t have to fill up your pages with crap such as this. Intelligent people will stop visiting your site if you continue to post such drivel.

  • MK Ultra

    OMG lol funny and witty.
    “Surprise, bitch. I bet you though you’d seen the last of me”
    “I am carrot”
    lol good job.

  • Sebizzar

    @Icebloo: Do “intelligent people” always have a stick up their ass? :)

  • QuintoLover

    My favorite was this convo I saw online between a guy and a profile named Regina George!

    Guy: Sooooo….. If you’re from Africa, why are you white?
    Regina: OMG Karen, you can’t just go around asking ppl why there white!
    Guy: Do you wanna do something fun? Do you wanna go to Taco Bell?
    Regina: I can’t go to Taco Bell I’m on all carb diet! God Karen yours so stupid
    Guy: Regina wait! Talk to Me!!!1
    Regina: No one understands me
    Guy: I can fit my whole fist in my mouth. Wanna see???

  • diklikkr

    I think Snowden is totally cute I’d give him asylum any time and Gandolf would be on my to do [email protected]Sebizzar: Most of them do, for some reason they think having a sense of humor makes you less intelligent.

  • jwrappaport

    I love me some Snowden! I also just got the “NSA” pun. Well played.

  • that_dude247


  • Darreyl102

    “Everyone’s got it, and we mean everyone”- I don’t have one.

  • ScottyEverett

    @Icebloo: Its called humor. Lighten up.

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