5 Easy Steps To Not Alienating LGBT Hotel Guests

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 12.57.26 PMIn the wake of another same-sex couple getting short-shrift at a UK accommodation, the Gay European Tourism Association (GETA) has released a list of five steps hotels, inns and other venues should follow to make LGBT guests feel welcome.

1. Give all your guests the same warm welcome, whoever they are.

2. Be professional, not judgmental, particularly when checking in.  You don’t need to question whether two people of the same sex really do want a double bed. Just ensure that all the reservation details are correct. “So, that’s one double room for three nights?”  You should not suggest that they might have made a mistake by booking a double bed. They will soon tell you if it’s a mistake.

3. Make sure your in-room greeting, such as a welcome letter or TV message, does not welcome Mr and Mrs when it is clearly Mr and Mr or Ms and Ms.

4.Extend to same-sex couples all the benefits you extend to others.  Same-sex couples should, for example, be eligible to the same Valentine and newly-wed packages.

5. Receptionists and concierges should be able to answer the question “do you know where the nearest gay bar is?”  A quick check on the Internet will give you an overview of the gay life in your town or city.

We might’ve put in something about having 800-thread-count sheets and a decent fitness center, but these are good, too.

For the ultimate list of LGBT-friendly hotels, check out