PHOTOS: 6 Celebs Who Have Recreated Burt Reynolds’ Naked “Cosmo” Pose


Over 40 years ago, Burt Reynolds posed for the now-famous centerfold in Cosmopolitan‘s April issue. His iconic photograph is partly responsible for the launch of Playgirl and other countless evolutions in nude celebrity photography. But another gift that photo gave us was mimics. Check out six guys who recreated Reynold’s pose on on a bearskin rug.

1. Former Mass. Senator Scott Brown


2. Former NFL player and Old Spice model Terry Crews


3. Celebrity hairstylist Daniel DiCriscio


4. Neil Patrick Harris


5. Marc Jacobs


6. Mario Lopez


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  • Taliaferro

    This advances our community how? They are not infact replicas of the original – the settings, poses and other details are different. They are, in fact, rather cheesy and in some cases, pathetic.

  • Gigi Gee

    @Taliaferro: When Paris Hilton was shot sans panties did women every cry “This advances our community how?” No. Why? Because straight people don’t think that way. It’s time for us to change our way of thinking.

    Re: cheesecake photos – I could have done without #3, but in reference to #4, NPH is hawt!


    From the old country South Africa; Daniel DiCriscio, you are my man! M`m M`m . AdamHomo

  • darkanser

    And here I was thinking all of those nudes — or near nudes –on the internet of Terry Crews were fakes….LOL…and regarding the gay community, I don’t think the theme here as any relevance. It’s just fluff. By the way, you didn’t include — believe it or not — former secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, who posed in Cosmopolitan back in the day.

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