7 Republicans Whose Names Sound Like Drag Queens


You ever notice how Republican officials have weird names—like Mitt or Newt or Orrin? And a fair number of them make us do a double-take because they sound like some queen we saw on Drag Race a few seasons back. Don’t believe us? Check it out! And be sure to tweet #dragrepublicans, hunties!

1.  Saxby Chambliss (Homophobic senator from Georgia)
Definitely a pageant girl
, Saxby gives the judges oodles of Linda Evans realness

2. Reince Priebus (Head of the GOP)
Reminds everyone she was on an episode of Designing Women—but after Delta Burke left the show

3. Stacy Campfield (Homophobic state senator from Tennessee)
Voted off the first episode and no one notices

4. Connie Mack IV (Former Representative from Florida, son of Sen. Connie Mack III)
A Texas queen who tries to disguise her love handles with a peplum so huge she can’t fit into the Gold Bar

5. Tucker Bounds (Former spokesman for McCain-Palin ticket)
Actually, this would be a great name for a drag king.

6. Pierce Bush (Grandson of George H.W. Bush, nephew of George W. Bush)
Drag Race’s very first heterosexual queen

7. Piyush “Bobby” Jindal  (Governor of Louisiana)
Santino loves her Bollywood fishiness, but Michelle Visage keeps criticizing her lip-liner.

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