A Chippendales Dancer Reveals He’s—Gasp—Gay!

Jaymes Vaughan, a singer and dancer with the infamous Chippendales male revue recently came out in the pages of QVegas magazine.

What?!? Chippendales has singers?

Vaughan (that’s him on the far left, freaking Kelli Pickler on Ellen) is actually both lead singer and emcee for The Chippendales’ show at the Rio Hotel and lead vocalist for the casino’s Show In The Sky—often on the same night.

Vaughan tells QVegas:

“My nights start at 6:00pm and I don’t stop until 12:30am. I start Show In The Sky, run up to Chippendales in time for my first song, run back to Show In The Sky for my next number there, and so it goes each night. There is a four minute break where I run to Burger King, they give me my chicken sandwich and I run back in time to sing my next song.”

Gee, what a lazybones.

If that weren’t enough, Vaughan has also released a new single, “Vampire,” and recorded the accompanying music video.  He says he’s always loved the Dracula types, even as a kid, but that the song is really “about being in a situation where you can’t be yourself; where you can’t live a part of your life in the daylight; being in a relationship that I can’t share with my family. “

Coming out wasn’t like facing the harsh light of day: Vaughan was already out to his family and friends—and even hosted Las Vegas Pride in 2011. This is more a case of coming out publicly as one of the few openly gay entertainers on the Strip.

I hope to be able to take advantage of a platform so that my fourteen-year-old self that was sitting in Chesterfield County, Virginia, might find some hope. The fourteen year old that had no one to look up to; whose mama told him he better not be gay; whose church told him he was going to hell; whose best friend killed himself because he didn’t “fit in.” Because he didn’t have any hope. I thought for so long you had to cover up who you were to be successful. I’ve realized you can be more successful by being yourself.”

Well, if being yourself helps you look that fine, Jaymes, you keep on doing it!

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