A Common Sense Guide To Avoiding “Swamp Crotch” This Summer

Memorial Day Weekend is officially here, which means summertime is fast-approaching, which means warm weather, which means sweat, which means extra attention must be paid to personal hygiene.

Thankfully, the guys over at BuzzFeed Life have put together a handy guide for how to avoid “swamp crotch” this summer. They sat down with a cosmetic doctor at the Harley Street Clinic in London, to discuss how to keep your nether region fresh as the temperature outside rises.

Here’s a quick recap:


Step #1: Proper washing.

“Washing should be done with gentle/normal cleansers such as soap. Mild detergents (body washes) can be used, but can cause sensitivity. Products that are used on the face such as glycol cleansers should be avoided,” Dr. Tee tells BuzzFeed.

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Step #2: Toweling off.

“It should be remembered that sweat is in fact odorless, it is only when it is broken down by bacteria that it smells.” says Tee.

The key to freshness is limiting the amount of moisture before that breaking down can even place.

“Thorough drying of the area after a shower (using a hair dryer if necessary) is vitally important to prevent or reduce these problems.”


Step #3: Baby powder. It’s not just for babies.

“[A]ny tight clothing can cause increased sweating, rashes, and possibly contribute to ingrown hairs,” explains the always helpful Tee. “Generally loose clothing in the groin area is recommended, although it is obviously not always fashionable.”

If you’re not into loose-fitting clothing, a quick application of baby powder after showering can be an effective way to absorb any excess moisture.

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Step #4: Whatever you do, don’t put deodorant on your crotch!

“Antiperspirants should be avoided, as they work by blocking sweat glands. This can lead to irritation and rashes.”


Step #5: Make sure your underwear breathes.

Lycra underwear may look better, but when the weather is exceptionally warm, it’s best to go with “good, clean, well-fitting underwear that allows for maximum breathability and keeps your testes cool,” BuzzFeed recommends.

“People who constantly sweat in the groin region are at increased risk of developing fungal infections,” Tee explains. “These are very sore and uncomfortable, but can be easily treated with appropriate creams.”

“In summary,” he concludes, “cotton boxer shorts are ideal.”

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