What Real Men Look Like In Underwear Ads


You know how incredibly sexy David Beckham looks in those underwear ads? Well, the Sun flips those images on its head with a photo shoot of real men posing in the similar set ups. The question is, are you just as sold (or turned on) by these men as you are by the models they replaced? Check out the four shots below and let us know what you prefer: John Doe or David Gandy.

H&M, John Doe vs. David Beckham


Dolce & Gabbana, John Doe vs. David Gandy


Calvin Klein, John Doe vs. Freddie Ljungberg


Armani, John Doe vs. Cristiano Ronaldo


It’s not the first time the paper had fun with body image, take a look at the guys they found to pose in the buff.

Photos: Stewart Williams, The Sun

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  • middleagespread

    These John Doe’s look more like me and my friends. Good for them on having the confidence to pose for these shots. Also, these help to see which type would look best on my body. Trunk style all the way.

  • yaoming

    Beckham “incredibly sexy”? Don’t think so. Who’s with me?

  • MikeE

    actually, I happen to find the Dolce and Garbaga “john doe” model VERY sexy!

  • Jake357

    I like the guy in the glasses and the bald bear.

  • cantstopme

    Of course, no Blacks or Asians, because they aren’t real people…smh

  • Dxley

    I mostly love black guys’ bodies, just never the faces. I’m glad they used none here!!!

  • cantstopme

    Wow. I bet you’re single.

  • fredo777

    The Ljungberg pose is almost spot-on. If only he moved his hand a bit closer to his crotch in the shot, it’d be perfect.

  • fredo777

    @Dxley: You planning on making one of your “Hey, I don’t like black guys!” proclamations in every thread now?

  • auntsharon

    @MikeE: Yesssss! Totally.

  • mgmchicago

    Heck, all of the John Doe’s look pretty tasty to me. Good sex is about so much more than just the body (at least after age 21 or so.) With that said – David Gandy is pretty damn fine.

  • erikwm

    So if you have a great body, you’re not a “real” man? Some of us take pride in ourselves and stay in really good shape.

  • yaoming

    It’s nice to see some real penises in underpants. What’s up with Beckham’s package? Is he wearing a codpiece under there?

  • UWSguy

    I like all of them…buff or not.

  • Goforit


  • Zodinsbrother

    Knowing the Sun’s history of homophobia and propensity for using female nudity to promote itself, you might want to consider if they would ever do a comparable shoot about real women to expose their own “Page 3”

  • Flarest

    “Real men” = some out of shape white dudes. I get the intent, but guys that are in shape are hardly less real, you’ll see a fit guy on the street and you’ll see someone with flab. Life.

    @Dxley you’re trash for that comment.

  • gymmuscleboy

    @Flarest “Out of shape” dudes? Not a single one of these John Does is out of shape. What planet are you from??

  • Flarest

    “Not a single one”? I’m not even talking about stacking them up to the people like Cristiano Ronaldo, does that man in the black boxerbriefs really scream “in shape” to you? Or the one in the grey boxerbriefs? >___> Out of shape =/= obese or necessarily outright fat.

  • fredo777


    I don’t know what the hulking bear in the black CK boxer briefs screams, but I’d certainly like to find out.

  • Lefty

    You mean average, not “real”. I loathe that use of the term “real men”.

  • Cam

    Honestly, the “Real” guys, look like they actually have sex. The Models look so waxed down and airbrushed that I didn’t get any kind of physical read on them at all.

  • AnitaMann

    The John Does are better. Much, much better. The models look fake & plastic.

  • erichinnw

    The John Does look like guys that I would like to meet/go home with; Especially the guy with the glasses.

  • Mike

    Becks has lost his appeal.

  • Fael

    To me, all except the first one are very sexy, I would do them all!! LOL

  • hanrahanjude

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  • Sulleh

    Calvin Klein John Doe, please :P

  • B Damion

    Well a least we have the right to judge who we believe are “real men”. I mean, being catty bitches an all. right? lol.

    Yassss…a whole bunch of catty bitches on queerty every day.
    This is why I wish I was straight sometimes. Dealing with catty gay men gets so disgusting. But, I’m here so..go figure!

  • cooper12

    @cantstopme: Get off the cross some one else needs the wood! The original models are mixed in some cases and so are the new ones. Clearly the model double for David is not white.
    There are only 4 pictures how are they to get every minority in there, have a gay handicapped asian/black with red hair and breast. Stop making everything an issue about colour.

  • B Damion

    @ cooper12 …The same way they have been doing for years lol..just put the one token black guy in the mix. That usually covers all the bases lol…
    I’m sorry. But it’s true.

  • Brendan

    There is always going to be someone who complains. The whole point is the comparison between famous underwear models and regular guys, not the need for more diversity in underwear ads. Not everything needs to be about race….

  • B Damion

    @Brendan …well said. Thank you.

  • Phil

    @yaoming: Totally with you on that, Mr Beckham & his “Joan Crawford” eyebrows does absolutely nothing for me

  • Phil

    The guy with the beard in the Calvins is my kind of hot. The usual underwear models are way too polished they’re almost shiny!

  • fredo777

    @Brendan: True, not everything *needs* to be about race, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t acknowledge how often the go-to for “hot” male models/eye candy on gay blogs or in mainstream media, generally, are white guys. It’s not a crusade, necessarily, just calling it like it is. It might get tiresome hearing it, but it doesn’t stop it from being true. I assure you, it’s just as tiresome from the minority perspective having to see it in action. Even in some “token” cases, I’ve seen too many commercials (for example) where said minority was shown so relatively briefly that you almost had to freeze-frame the ad to catch them. I didn’t make the situation up, it’s just something I’ve noticed happen for years. I don’t have a problem, of course, with seeing hot white guys any more than any other race, but it would be nice to see more diverse representations of male beauty on a regular basis. And as an ethnic minority who finds all kinds of guys attractive, I don’t buy the whole “representation by the numbers” argument, either. I don’t necessarily have to only see black guys just because that’s what I am. So, I don’t think the standard “hot” guys shown must be white just because of their being the statistical majority. Mix it up.

  • Cam

    @cantstopme: said…

    “Of course, no Blacks or Asians, because they aren’t real people…smh”

    You may want to look up the definition of “Asian”.

  • Cam


    Well said.

  • Dxley

    White guys are simply the hottest. Black and Asian guys are the ugliest. Get over it!

  • Randy

    All of the “John Does” are more appealing than the models.

  • EManhattan

    Not everyone agrees that “heavy body modification = taking care of oneself and being in good shape”.

    Beckham’s muscle building supported his job, which depended on strength and endurance. But the rest of the models and their real-life emulators? Their muscle building / body fat reduction activities are to make themselves pretty for the other people who like that look. It’s an artistic endeavor – it’s body modification, like tattooing or piercing. And as such, muscle modification is just fine. But it’s not particularly healthy, and it’s not taking better care of themselves than ordinary people who eat healthy diets, get lots of sleep, and get some exercise during their day.

    Muscle builders are like people who have their teeth treated to make them glow blue-white. They think their personal body modifications are how people “should” be, and they assume that their own taste is universal. They don’t seem to realize that it’s a temporary, fashion, and that a lot of people look at them with sympathy, rather than admiration.

  • Niall

    Strangely enough, I’d take the John Doe in the D&G ad over the model anyday of the week and twice on Sundays.

  • viveutvivas

    I kind of take exception to some comments. Some of us are just lean by nature, some of us like to work out and take care of ourselves, and so on. It does not make us less “real.” Trust an American/British audience to consider lean bodies not “real.”

  • Cam


    Nice try. The fact is, that the models in those pictures are air-brushed, greased, stretched etc…. So that the pictures are not actually real.

    But you know, nice job on attacking the folks of two different nations simply because you want to pretend to be offended.

  • J.c.

    Advertising always uses ideal looking people. It inspires people to buy the product with the image that they can look as good as the fit models. In spite that everage people will not look as good as the models doesn’t matter . Its the illusion that sells the product. If you are unhappy with the way you look get off your butt and do something about it, but dont expect the world to find you as beautiful or equal in fitness to these models who work very hard to be who they are. Like it or not the REALITY of life is that if you are fat and out of shape you are not attractive . Abd calling yourself a “bear” is just kidding yourself. The animal calles a “Bear” is not considered fat. A bear is built by nature to be that way. A human on the other hand only gets fat with over indulgence and lack of activity.

  • JMNYC5

    Darn, these un-model guys looks HOT…! I want…!

  • B Damion

    @Dxley….Who wrote

    “White guys are simply the hottest. Black and Asian guys are the ugliest. Get over it!”

    -Are you asking for help? Because this sounds like the comment of a crazy person.

  • scott747

    @auntsharon: That’s OK Mike. You just don’t know what you’re missing. Thanks for leaving us more opportunities.

  • jacobmcNLR

    It really displeases me to see all these responses that say something to the extent, “I/we take care of ourselves (i.e., our bodies), stay in shape.” What does that mean? To me it implies that someone who has more muscle mass is in better health than someone who doesn’t. If that is the case [people who have said something to this extent], then I think you should read the following articles: 1st, http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/03/opinion/our-imaginary-weight-problem.html?_r=0 , 2nd (the meta-analysis talked about in #1) http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1555137, 3rd, http://voices.washingtonpost.com/checkup/2011/01/questioning_link_between_weigh.html , and 4th (the peer-reviewed study talked about in #3) http://www.nutritionj.com/content/10/1/9. There is much research coming to the same conclusion. All anyone has done by working out that much is “enlisted in a cultural obsession to advance the economic goals of those who profit from that obsession.”

    Quit being so obtuse, gay culture.

  • Deepdow


    I like my body now that I worked out to get muscles and definition. When you work out, you feel better about yourself (cliche, but true) and you feel more physically grounded. I was just really skinny before. Anyway sourpuss, maybe it’s time to set some personal goals for yourself? Hmm?

  • robho3

    They all look sexy to me!!!

  • pauleky

    Yeah, they’re all sexy in different ways. I will say I’m less attracted to the plucked, shaved gym clones than I am to the real guys. Not that I’d kick any of them out of bed, but the models would be way hotter if they had some body hair (at least Gandy doesn’t shave his underarms). Guessing their crotches are bald, too, which is a real travesty.

  • jacobmcNLR

    @Deepdow: That’s great that you like your body; however, it seems you are assuming that men without “muscles and definition” would be happier with their bodies if they were to have “muscles and definition.” Is this an assumption you’re making? There is a whole community of men (bears) that are accepting of body types that would be considered non-marketable (in the sense they will not be adopted into brand name type marketing campaigns). And these are men that are very happy and proud of their bodies, and it can be said too (from the research posted before) that these are likely very healthy men. Why should someone’s personal fitness goal be to look like Cristiano Ronaldo in an underwear ad when the scientific research shows that this is very likely an unhealthy body type, and an unhealthy goal? So that they might feel better about their looks? Seems a more reasonable and sustainable goal is to promote the scientific research about what a healthy weight actually means, and work towards acceptance of all body types in our community.

  • Eiswirth

    @yaoming: I am. Handsome face, but those disgusting tattoos completely turn me off. I’d go for any John Doe over him.

  • Jerry12

    I do not care what the one with Tattoos was wearing. Anyone that has so little respect for their body as to tattoo it does not get a second look from me.

  • GlenRN

    @MikeE: @MikeE I agree with you! Dolce & Gabbana’s John Doe is damned sexy!

  • viveutvivas

    Trust Americans to redefine being flabby or obese as something to be proud of in the bear subculture. Heaven forbid anybody should try to motivate people to get off their fat as*es for the sake of their own health and spoil their precious self esteem. Look how Michelle Obama is being excoriated for trying to do so in the nicest possible way. It’s the result of a couple of generations being brought up to believe they are the most special entitled little snowflake in the universe.

  • queerty1958

    They are all “real” men in the underwear. Some are just more physically fit than the others.

  • viveutvivas

    And for the record, David Beckham isn’t even particularly muscular. He just has a normal kind of skinny body in that photo, the one most guys would have kept if they didn’t let themselves go after the age of 20. Calling that build “unhealthy body modification” is pretty laughable,

  • patricklee5150

    @Flarest: I agree with your comments…totally.

  • patricklee5150

    @viveutvivas: Exactly….

  • Kieran

    David Beckham is INCREDIBLY DUMB for covering up his skin with ugly blue ink. If a three year old used a magic marker to do that to his arms he’d get a good spanking and put in his crib without supper.

  • balehead

    it’s not a crime to take care of yourself and hit a gym, you know…..

  • Cam


    You have made multiple posts on this site making derogatory comments about Americans or English. You really seem to have some issues that you may want to work on.

  • dm10003

    Hot CKBear has no business being anywhere near underclothes or any other kind of clothes.

  • viveutvivas

    @Cam, I am American (though not Anglo) but I do feel completely alienated by the American way of life, which is an embarrassment to me.

  • Palto

    @ Flarest beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I like guys with some heft on them. Speak for yourself. I think John Doe #2 is hot. You’re probably one of those douchebags. on grindr. There’s actually a website dedicated to them.

  • Publius

    @EManhattan: “Beckham’s muscle building supported his job, which depended on strength and endurance. But the rest of the models and their real-life emulators? Their muscle building / body fat reduction activities are to make themselves pretty for the other people who like that look.”

    You should probably google Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • Sebizzar

    The 2nd and 4th dudes are hott ;)

    But yeah, I hate how people throw around “real men” -.-
    Every man above, fit and unfit, are still real men.

  • jwrappaport

    @Jerry12: Come now – Chris Hemsworth’s Marine Corps tattoo in Red Dawn? Brent Everett’s tramp stamp? They’re pretty hot, let’s be honest.

    These pictures reminded me of Ira and Barry from City Slickers: “If you saw us on the label, could you eat?” Of course, the answer is no. I am sympathetic to the celebration of inner beauty over looks, substance over form, and indeed also to the chubby 7th grader I used to be, but there is no question in my mind that the people on the right appear healthier, stronger, more proportionate, and in short, aesthetically superior in just about every way. I realize that beauty is somewhat subjective, but I don’t buy these tired ad campaigns that attempt to glorify the mediocre and the everyday, or to radically redefine beauty itself. It’s no longer edgy.

  • Sansacro

    @MikeE: Totally

  • chakrakahn

    Love this,

  • EManhattan

    @viveutvivas: I was the one who talked about frequently unhealthy body modification – and I specifically exempted Beckham from my comments, since his build is work-related, not fashion related. He doesn’t have big bulging hyper-defined muscles, because he trained for strength and endurance, not prettiness.

    Your seem to have a very hard time with the concept that your taste in men is not theh same as everyone else’s, and your opinions about fitness are not actual facts. You may be working your muscles out a lot, but it sounds like you’re neglecting your critical thinking skills – you might re-balance your workouts to include some mental exercises.

  • EManhattan

    @Publius: You’re right! I didn’t know that he was a footballer as well as a fashion empresario. Looking at him, though, I think it’s most likely that a good part of his workout regime is aimed at supporting his fashion career – that’s not just a functional footballer physique. And as I said, there’s nothing wrong with body-modification for people who like that kind of look – I just object to those who say that it’s done for ‘health’ or ‘fitness’, when it’s not demonstrably more healthy or fit than lots of other ways of taking care of yourself.

  • casey

    Models are pretty, but the real men have their own sexy charms.

  • WhyteRabbit

    the guy in the glasses is adorable lol

  • jimkempster

    I would take any of the John Does in this post over the models in the advertisements. Real men, real persons, real bodies: real sexy.

  • Lifepathnine

    I’m shallow, I guess, lol, I really only find myself attracted to the professional models, and at, only two of them are really hot, to me anyway. I think Christiano Rinaldo is the hottest of them all, and I probably look closest to his John Doe, lol.

  • nwspirit

    @Sulleh: Yes, and for me as well, if I may.

  • contactdawn

    So are we implying that models aren’t “real” people? Although I love these body image photo essays, it’s just like the “real women have curves” campaign: all women are real women. Just because someone is fit or in shape, it doesn’t mean they are less of their gender or a freak of nature. They work hard at achieving their body type (or maybe they have great genes). I’m a curvy chick. I workout, I stay in the best curvy shape I have the energy to achieve with my lifestyle. That does not mean I look at my fit and buff friends at the gym and think they are not a “real woman. I wish there were better words to use instead of “real men vs unreal men.”

    Real women have a vagina. And boobs. And all that womanly stuff guys like.

    All that said, I call dibs on the bald guy with the beard.

  • contactdawn

    Unless he doesn’t like girls … in which case I will take him as a BFF.

  • hotshot70

    I think the guys in the ads are hot, but “unreal”. I would rather date/have sex with someone that has a realistic build. These “uber” guys have such strict guidelines on food and exercise, they would be no fun on a date. No pizza, no beer, only select foods. I like to go out, eat pizza, and have fun.

  • ohyes

    @EManhattan: hmmm all of these “models” are footballers with the exception of gandy……i don’t get what you’re saying :(

  • ohyes

    @Publius: and Ljungberg while they’re at it

  • Rick

    All of the ‘normal’ guys are hotter than the models, imo. Except the D&G, both the normal and the model are hot. I’d bone both of them, but the nerd is more my type.

  • moripori

    John Doe is hot!

  • jtnjpuwylt

    this is such a boring concept to me.

    david gandy looks good there. sometimes he looks a little too “gerard butler” for me.

  • mariannle

    @Lefty: No, I think they actually meant “real” too. Yes, the men on the left are average but the pictures on the right are not real, they have been airbrushed, and heavily photoshooped to make them look like the shiny plastic they seem to be. Have you ever heard the phrase “not even the girl on the magazine looks like the girl on the magazine”? well, that applies to most male models too.

  • mariannle

    @contactdawn: I think the issue, like with most pictures of female models, is that those images are modified. Yes, very fit men are “real” too, but not even Beckam, Ronaldo or Ljungberg actually look like that, they are in studios with flattering lighting, makeup, great photographers and they’ve been heavily photoshooped in several ways (probably some “body proportions” modifications as well as airbrushed skin), and setting that unreachable standard is just wrong, and of course not real.

  • articutis

    Who believes this crap, anyway? I see male models in magazines and don’t find myself particularly attracted to them. I realize they’re models and that most men– even the ones that hit the gym all week– don’t look like that.

    The responses were funny, however. Thanks for the chuckles, you guys.

  • j_palmer86

    Omg…. The bald guy with he beard. Yes. Please.

  • j_palmer86

    @Jake357: Yes!!! The bald guy is damn hot!!

  • TK

    @Brendan: People shall always complain. They seriously need to look beyond the image. If the model looks good in what ever they’re wearing, they need to keep in mind, what they’re wearing, since most are mainly “displaying” the product based on body frame. Now, I would like to see you sir, in one of those shots. You appear to have the right body frame, to “show off” a decent pair of briefs, boxers or even… smile dude.

  • Knarf Yahzie

    finally on how it really is out in the world!

  • Steve McSheffrey

    Where’s the version that skewers the objectification of women in ads or did this only happen because the Sun is still male dominated and they take umbrage to being treated like they’ve been treating women?

  • Michael Cuipa

    I like the real guy one better.

  • Jon Mackey

    I would take the one on the left

  • Derick Lindsey

    It’d be nice to live in a world where both were equally accepted.

  • Brandon Bretz

    that bear does something to my nether regions that I won’t speak of.. GOOD-NESS.

  • Kevin Davis

    I guess it’s too much to ask to show “real men” who aren’t all white.

  • Alan David Smith

    each one was hood looking in different ways.

  • Sam Oropeza

    I love real guys…. they’re the best!

  • John Malin

    Give me the model shots any day of the week! But, of course I’m just a lust filled old queer, so what do I know? By the way, some guys would look best sewn into the old fashioned union suits, neck to ankle!!!

  • Chris Tan

    Real guys are easy to find!

  • Michael Martinez

    Real men have the time to spend with you outside of the gym. Give me a real guy any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  • Morten Jensen

    Il”l take the real men any day….

  • Richard Drew

    A real guy can balance the gym and life – you don’t have to choose!

  • Sylvia Varga

    I’d have the Calvin Klein John Doe over the model any day…

  • Tóth Marcell

    I prefer the real ones. And not only because I kinda thinkg gyms are stupid. :D No offense to anyone who likes them.

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