A Heartbreaking Documentary About The Last Days Of Spartacus Star Andy Whitfield

We’re not gonna lie: Andy Whitfield first caught our eye because he was gorgeous. But we came to enjoy him as an actor on Starz’s Spartacus: Blood & Sand, a role he had to quit when his non-Hodgkin lymphoma became too debilitating.

He died September 11, 2011, at age 39.

Now after watching footage from Be Here Now, a new documentary following Whitfield through his devastating final months, we’ve come to appreciate him as an incredible human being.

This is not Kardashian-style “reality”: Australian filmmaker Lilibet Foster followed Whitfield and his wife, Vashti, during family time, training and meetings with doctors and healers. (The film’s title comes from the matching tattoos Andy and Vashti got to symbolize their drive to live in the present.)

Watching a man in the prime of his life visibly deteriorate into a shell of his former self is something too many gay men are familiar with, but we still blubbered when we saw Whitfield trying to create memories with his two precious children.

View the trailer above and consider making a donation on the film’s Kickstarter page. To complete Be Here Now , Foster’s team needs to raise $200,000 by the end of July and they’re a little more than halfway there. With today being Father’s Day, we’re gonna pull on your heartstrings and encourage you to support the legacy of this amazing father, husband and artist.