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A Quick Spray to Make Premature Ejaculation Go Away

I would not generally recommend men spray things on their penises, but a quick spritz of something called PSD502 on the head of your penis five minutes before intercourse should help clear up those premature ejaculation issues you won’t admit to.

Researchers found that the chemical spray, which is composed of the painkillers lidocaine and prilocaine, on average increased a man’s sex stamina from 30 seconds to 3.3 minutes. Uncircumcised men reported greater success, but researchers acknowledged they still don’t know how, exactly, this thing works.

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  • NickadooLA

    “Premature ejaculation” is such an ugly phrase. Let’s just call it an “appetizer.”

  • Evan

    from 30 seconds to 3 minutes???

  • Garver

    Lidocaine and prilocaine — two numbing compounds — and they don’t know it works; time to hire new researchers/doctors. This is seriously basic.

    Also, only 3.3 minutes post-application? I hope those guys reboot quickly.

  • Miquael

    Uh, yeah…

    You may have also heard of benzocaine, another topical anesthetic. Or novocaine, a local anesthetic… kinda weird how they all have the suffix -caine isn’t it?

    Sure, you get to last longer by numbing yourself out, makes total sense to me.

  • Kevin

    I think they meant that the INCREASE was somewhere between 30 seconds and 3.3 minutes. Say they would normally last 5 minutes. They now last somewhere between 5.5 and 8.3 minutes.

  • Fitz

    If you have a problem with P.E., it might be better to go get some sub training from someone who can teach you that your needs aren’t the only thing to pay attention to.

  • jeffree

    Numb versus dumb?
    Both agents are local/ topical anesthetics that numb the nerve endings. If you get a wart removed, they’ll use something similar so you won’t “feel a thing”. Dentists use meds in the same family (novacaine!) when your getting, um, oral work done. As other posters here said, this isn’t rocket science:
    Uncircumcised = more “senstive tissue” so it makes sense that the uncùt may get better results &, yeah, last longer.

    Your anal-gesics [which has nothing to do w/ the posterior) such as asspirine (!), tylenol, aleve, ibuprofen won’t help much with the PE issue.

    Thinking of Rush Limbaugh, however, has been medically proven to delay ejaculatory responses in both str8 and gay men in over 96.25% of study participants. And that also causes temporary asexualism in 12% of that population !

    His 4 wives, notably, did not participate in this research, due to legal constraints.

  • Hilarious

    The only guys who seem to have this problem are the ones who were taught masturbation is “gross”. :)

  • Jason Dancin'

    @Kevin. No, you’re wrong. The article was right.

  • Michael

    I dunno. From the picture up there, the side effects of this spray seem a bit risky.

  • counterpoll

    @Michael: That’s a fairly insignificant risk compared to the benefits {and being honest here, the benefits may accrue moreso to your partner than to yourself}.

    If someone has so-called “sensitive skin” or ever experienced a reaction to similar drugs {e.g. at the dentist’s or dermatologist’s office}, then the risks naturally would be higher.

    I personally would want to test out the product ‘alone’ before employing it for sex with a partner. The effects would depend on the amount applied. Practise makes perfect.

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