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A Reality Show Where Friends Tell Their Straight Friends They’re Unknowingly Dating a Homosexual

Andy Cohen might be looking for the next crop of on-camera A-gays, but another reality show is casting for gender-benders! No, not transsexuals. Just some cis folks who like doing things that aren’t stereotypical of their gender. And then there’s the one looking for folks who want to out their straight friends’ partners. Must see TV!

“Do you bend gender roles? Do you go against the norm? Now Casting,” blares the notice. One Louder Productions is looking to cast something called Straight As A Board: “Just because you’re a man who likes pedicures, or a female gym teacher, that doesn’t mean you’re gay, does it? If you’re sick of your friends constantly trying to set you up with members of the same sex then it’s time to set the record straight. A new reality series is casting people that are ready to put all the rumors to rest. Just because you’re a guy and like show tunes or a girl and play softball that your not hiding your sexual preferences in the closet.”

Oh please let David Gest host this thing.

Interestingly, One Louder is also looking for folks to star in Straight Eye for your Friend’s Queer Guy. (These are all working titles, people.) Reads the casting notice: “Is your best friend’s boyfriend gay and everyone knows it except for her? Does he only order drinks that come with tiny umbrellas? Does he worry more about his hair, nails, and outfits than she ever does? If your friend’s man is way past metro and it’s time she knew, we want to hear from you. Tell us why you’re ready to confront your friend and let her in on her man’s little secret. Be a good friend and let her in on the skeletons in her boyfriend’s closet. Must be 18 years of age and older.”

Mr. Gest is a fine candidate to host that one, too.

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