Aaron Johnson Shows Off Ripped Body In “Kick-Ass 2” Trailer

The trailer for the sequel to Kick-Ass made its way onto the internet. If you haven’t watched it yet, this is what you missed out on:

aaron johnson 2(Image courtesy of MyNewPlaidPants)

tumblr_mjm0uj9B1W1rr0zwao1_500(Image courtesy of Tumblr)

Fans may remember when Johnson was spotted in his form-fitting costume last fall:

enhanced-buzz-13647-1348584773-0(Image courtesy of BuzzFeed)

For those actually interested in the movie, watch the trailer over at MTV. The film, which stars Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Jim Carrey, debuts in theaters on August 16.

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  • Cam

    Can hollywood please stop waxing all the actors. I”m not saying they need to be bears as far as hairy chests go but that completely bald shiny body on every single actor who ever takes off their shirt just looks weird.

  • startenout

    I was already looking forward to this movie, and now….HOT DAMN! That boy is looking FINE!!! He has clearly put in a lot of work, and it shows. Good for you, Aaron.

  • Dionte

    What’s hot is how he is married to a 46 year old director and they have 2 kids.

  • Ron Jackson

    Kick Ass is one of my favorite films. Looking forward to a new one.


    Nice physique (but, like almost always on this site), he could use a little more muscle mass, lol

  • Cagnazzo82 He’s supposed to be kick-ass. Not Captain America.

    That said, did anyone notice he’s like completely noticeably naked in his outfit?

    Queerty didn’t post up the pics, but the other pics out there clearly have his ‘stuff’ visible in the front.

    And over here, his ass is definitely not wearing any underwear. Lol, gotta love superhero costumes :)

  • Respect4all

    A movie about a little girl who goes around killing people. Delightful. Is this what passes for feminism or female empowerment these days? I’ve never believed that sexual equality was about women taking on the worst attributes of men. I’d like to see more men taking on the best attributes of women.

  • Respect4all

    @Dionte: She’s old enough to be his mother. He’s only 7 years older than her oldest daughter.

  • balehead

    Such bitter queens on here…stand back and just enjoy the view already!!…..

  • The7thDoctor

    Kinda looks like he could be Penn Badgley’s older brother… Just a ‘lil bit.

  • LuckyboyLA

    @respectforall. Tumblr/Pornhub and EVERY other gay porn site known to man has vids 7 clips with same age spread. So if it’s Hot Daddies and ‘Boys’, how about it? That twink Diver Queerty is so smitten with and his 42 y.o. BF comes to mind. They look happy. When I was 23, a man 46 was right in my ‘Sweet Spot’ for a top. So why can’t a str8 guy marry a woman older w/o the negativity? ‘Cos he’s hot, 23, and not Gay? Geeze….

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