ABC Will Let Adam Lambert On Its Network Only In a Pre-Taped, Censor-Friendly Environment


Looks like ABC is reconsidering its ban on Adam Lambert. Not only will he be a part of Barbara Walters’ annual The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009 on Wednesday night, Lambert will stop by and sing on Thursday’s The View. But because Lambert still cannot be trusted — he might touch his crotch at any moment! — the appearance will be taped. And GLAAD is congratulating itself all the way to the bank.

“ABC has taken a step towards fairness by inviting Adam Lambert to perform on The View,” says GLAAD chief Jarrett Barrios in a statement. “GLAAD has been advocating against the double standards that have been applied to Lambert as an openly gay performer. We thank community members and allies for voicing their concerns with ABC so that entertainers like Adam have the opportunity to be broadcast into living rooms across America.” (Also noted in the GLAAD release: “Earlier today [Friday] GLAAD urged constituents to contact ABC to express disappointment. Throughout the day, GLAAD continued conversations with ABC that began two weeks ago when the network announced the cancellation of Lambert’s performance on Good Morning America following his performance on the American Music Awards.”)

We can already hear the stupidity from Elisabeth Hasselbeck brewing.

UPDATE: We just spoke with one of Barrios’ senior underlings at GLAAD, who tells Queerty “the whole situation has been embarrassing” for the organization. GLAAD “fucked it up … from the beginning” and is now “trying … to cover our ass” with statement after statement. Barrios “is not happy with … how this played out. We’re all sort of just trying to pretend this was successful.”

UPDATE: The interview will be pre-taped because Walters thinks everyone’s afraid of what he’ll do.

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