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About That Anal Bleaching ‘Cult Following’

We’ll say this up front: We’ve never had our anus bleached. Though it’s de rigeur for the porn star set, there’s just something about having another person apply (possibly carcinogenic) hydroquinone cream to our taint that turns us off. But hey, our tastes are not everyone’s tastes, which is why Enrique Ramirez, of the New York men’s spa face to face nyc, says he has a loyal following of anal bleachers.

How you generate a loyal following of a treatment that, we thought, you only need to perform once … well, we don’t know. But the Mexican-born spa impresario, who says he counts Neil Patrick Harris among his clients (though not necessarily for bleaching), says that initial punchlines about the treatment have been replaced with a “cult following.”

“I didn’t know how people were going to react from this unusual treatment,” Ramirez tells Queeried. “I was extremely surprised how New Yorkers especially, reacted to this. I received tons of letters accusing me of being sick!!! Many writers and bloggers made fun of me as well. I wanted to take it back but, I stuck it out and eventually all the negative comments and press went away. I now have a good amount of Anal Bleaching cult following.”

Did it turn out to be bad for business? “I truly believe that I lost some clients from this. During the Fall of 2007, I was in many Manhattan magazines so I really couldn’t hide it. I even removed it from our web site for a few months until the storm ended. A few regular clients did comment in a negative way when anal bleaching was introduced and suddenly they disappeared with no explanation.”

So what is anal bleaching? Well, some men (and women) have darker pigmentation around their anus, and it might just get confused for uncleanliness, because brown skin around the anus makes you think of doody. Enter bleaching, which matches the skin around your rectum to the rest of your body.

Are we going to try it anytime soon? Probably not. But we’re all for cosmetic enhancements that boost self-esteem, so go look up Ramirez if you’re into this sort of thing.

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