Acquitted: 1 of 3 Girls Accused of Trying to Shove Kentucky Teen Cheyenne Williams Off Cliff

The unnamed suspect who was charged as the third accomplice, along with 18-year-olds Corinne Schwab and Ashley Sams, in allegedly trying to push off a cliff lesbian Kentucky Jackson County High School student Cheyenne Williams in April was acquitted Monday by a judge who didn’t even bother hearing the defense’s side of things.

The girl, who was underage at the time (but is now legally an adult), will now wait to see if Schwab and Sams get the same verdict; they head to trial Thursday on charges of attempted murder and kidnapping, where prosecutors will rely on the same evidence, including a cell phone video of the incident.

Says the cleared suspect’s attorney Sharon K. Allen Gay: “For the past four months the juvenile has not only faced the false accusations made by Cheyenne Williams, but also the judgment of all those individuals who heard the allegations and presumed the juvenile to be guilty. We are thankful that the criminal justice system still works, and that the truth has come out.”