Act Fast! Own WeHo Gay’s Wacky Sarah Palin Effigy

WeHo gay Chad Morisette thought the perfect ‘Halloween decoration’ would be to hang Sarah Palin in effigy from the rafters of his West Hollywood home, proving that no sexual orientation has a lock on being obnoxious and stupid. Anyway, Chad Morisette is trying to sell Palin on eBay (again: he tried once with photos of her hung and eBay took it down and it was taken down again because the glasses fake-Palin was wearing were made of tortoise shell, which is endangered–seriously) and right now the bidding’s still in the low $2,000’s.

You can own this very important piece of American history, right now. Obviously, this is the reason Obama won and America’s been restored. Own it today! See the ad after the jump.