Adam Carolla Says Gay People Have Ruined Comedy And Should Just Shut Up

alg-adam-carolla-benefit-jpgProfessional old dirtbag Adam Carolla has done us the favor of confirming our disdain for anything he says with a new interview in Salon.

When asked if he’s antigay, he claims that he isn’t because he is willing to work with homosexuals. That’s a pretty low bar.

Then he adds, “they’ve just turned into a mafia and demanding everyone apologize for every joke and retract every statement.” Oh, okay, that’s awesome.

“I’ve lived in this town my whole life and never seen it like this,” he complains. It’s the sort of thing a racist might say about network television in the 1970s.

And then there’s this business: “In terms of sexual proclivities, I don’t know what someone’s into! You could work with someone who’s into kids — how would you know? I don’t know and I don’t care.”

So, that’s all pretty gross. First of all, why would you not care that your worker is a pedophile?

Second, that’s a pretty great comparison, Adam Carolla, you’re right that being gay and being a pedophile are two things that are pretty similar. Clever of your to link them. You’re in good company with that one.

Also, what you are experiencing is what we call straight privilege, which is another thing you might have “never seen it like this.” Because you’re straight, you’ve never had to deal with the problems that queers face, so you just assume those problems don’t exist. Not having to care about your coworkers’ sexual orientation is a wonderful luxury, congratulations on having enjoyed it your whole life. We are so happy for you.

Carolla’s probably never had to know about a lot of things, in fact. Who knows what it’s like to be in a wheelchair? Who cares! Who knows what it’s like to live in Bangladesh? Who cares! Who knows what it’s like to lose your house in a flood? Who cares! God, those people all just need to shut up, so rich straight white guys can tell more jokes about them.

He’s also tired of hearing about gay marriage, and wishes it would just get legalized so that he doesn’t have to talk about it anymore. Fair enough. We wish for the same thing. Being able to visit your dying spouse in the hospital is maybe a better reason to want it, but okay, you see it as an impediment to conversational topics, that’s almost as valid.

In conclusion, what a gross creep. Ick.

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  • Mezaien

    What Comedy does he talking about? does he think he got humor??.

  • gskorich

    i think he is right. it seems every group reads every article to see if any phobia exists and if not passes the story along to the next group. its gotten out of hand when you people can’t joke about anything any more.

  • Cagnazzo82

    @gskorich: I honestly do not care about the less successful/has-been half of the man show.

    Let him whine. His words are about as relevant as a smelly gust of wind passing by.

  • Greg Garavani

    Hahaha that’s the funniest thing he’s said! Come to think of it, it’s the only funny thing he’s ever said.

  • Cam

    He used the word “Mafia”. Shows you where he got his opinion. That is the word that the right wing blogs use to attack gays who dare to complain about bigotry.

    So basically Corolla is a has-been parrot for right wing blogs.

    Oh wait, Gee, he has a PODCAST! Never mind, he’s SOMEBODY!

  • Cam


    Actually WE PEOPLE can joke a lot. The only people that are upset are the ones that can’t seem to live without being able to publicly call the President the N word or talk about how faggots ruin America.

    It isn’t our problem if audiences aren’t laughing at them anymore.

  • ocsunshine

    I am an avid Adam Corolla fan and gay. I have been listening to him for years. His comments are based off comedy, and taken too seriously, this post is exactly what he is talking about. He is not using the pedophile comment to compare us to pedophiles, he is using it to point out how ridiculous it all is. He is the most progressive person i know, is for marijuana legalization, gay marriage, and such, and he is right, not because he cares, but because there are bigger problems to focus on than these. He doesnt understand why these rights are not just granted and we can move on to fix other problems like our government and the economy.

    Also, you may call him a has been, but he hosts a daily podcast, the #1 podcast in the world, per guiness book of world records. He has an entire network and a popular show on spike that was so popular they renewed it for a second season and expanded it from 30 min to 60. He is also has written 3 books and all 3 are ares new york times best sellers.

    As a homosexual professional, I fully support Adam and this world could use some of his wisdom. His interviews are constantly taken out of context and bloggers pick and choose which parts to focus on. We need to look at the bigger picture.

  • truckproductions

    yes because everybody knows the ONLY jokes worth telling are those making fun of us queers…

  • sangsue

    WTF do you expect with a guy who was on the MAN SHOW.

  • Lvng1tor

    @gskorich: You, like Carolla, fail to recognize that we gays are not a uni-mind. We don’t all look for apologies or search out/create homophobia in all we read. As if we do’t have any life besides pissed of queers. We don’t all demand society conform to our (what is “OUR” anyway)way of thinking. For instance, The GLAAD media guide asks (more like tells)that media outlets no longer use the word “homosexual” They find it insulting. I don’t and apparently neither does Queerty.

    What Carolla, and you, are talking about are INDIVIDUALS and as American Individuals we are entitled to our opinions. Like Human Individuals our opinions vary.

    What you perceived to be “out of hand when you people can’t joke about anything any more.” could be that as LGBTQ people many of us are tired of taking crap from jagwads who have insulted, belittled, dismissed, terrorized, beaten and tried to keep us down for so freakn long. So, YES sometime’s we will stand and say “NO MORE!” in a more unified voice. Even then you find variations in opinion and care level. BTW…”You People” is always insulting!

    One last thing. Suck it up buttercup! Put on your big boy pants Carolla.

  • ocsunshine

    @sangsue: I have a sneaky feeling you never watched the man show.

  • ocsunshine


    I can tell you how many craps Corolla cares about all this —-> 0
    Same thing happened when that other journalist took his comment about women “not being funny” out of context, when in reality he never said that. and he didnt care then and does not now.

  • Lvng1tor

    @ocsunshine: So in other words, as you are a GAY FAN, Carolla is wrong.

    “they’ve just turned into a mafia and demanding everyone apologize for every joke and retract every statement.”

    Can’t possibly be right cause some gay people, as evidenced by your comment, don’t demand apologies. All the pro Adam statements you make also prove you wrong about us as a “community”

    Just sayin! We get to have our individual opinions (he, you, I) and that’s about it. As for his wisdom…you can take it. I find him to be an A&& of the 1st Order. #1 in ratings does’t mean crap in a world that “Keeping Up with The kardashains” is #1 for their channel and still on the air. I’d love to know what “Wisdom” you think Kim K imparts on America.

  • Lvng1tor

    @ocsunshine: He keeps talking about it so apparently he does care and so do you!

  • mcflyer54

    This sounds more like a publicity stunt than an actual complaint. Corolla does and says whatever he wants and really doesn’t seem to care about whom he may be offending. This is his routine, and while I’ve never found him even slightly humorous, I know he has his fans and he is providing them with the comedy to which they respond. Nobody is restricting Adam’s freedom of speech and he is well aware that the only real consequence of his style of comedy is the possibility of losing some of his audience. As I said, this sounds like a stunt to drive people who may not be familiar with him to his podcast or cable show to see what all the “fuss” is about. Basically I see Corolla as a male Ann Coulter – whatever it takes to keep your name in the spotlight.

  • ocsunshine


    I care, i am a fan….he doesnt, plues, he was asked, he isnt talking about in on his own.

    also, the apologies comment and gay mafia comment was not mine, so this further proves my point about people not getting their facts right. I also never equated wisdom with being #1, those two points do not correlate. And please let me know when kim writes 3 books, can build a house from scratch from the ground up, has made 3 movies (not counting her porn), one of which is a documentary. My #1 comment was not made to support my wisdom argument, it was made to support my “he is not a has been comment”…so please let me know where my supporting arguments are incorrect.
    And yes, you get to have your opinion, we all do, that’s the beauty of this country, but have your facts right before you jump on the band wagon.

  • BrianZ

    “As a homosexual professional”

    What sort of self-respecting gay refers to themselves like this? Your entire post sounds a little too, I don’t know …. like someone paid to post propaganda on the interwebs. The fact that your grammar moves from near perfect to just arrived foreign national in the same thread indicate to me some tomfuckery is in play.

  • Kangol

    Oh boy, so Adam Creepola and others might have to think of jokes that don’t hinge on homophobia and heterosexism. I know he’s dumb as a sack of concrete, but still, if you call yourself a comedian, try to be funny without insulting other people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc. It’s possible.

  • Alton

    I guess all the publicity Carolla got for saying women aren’t funny has finally run dry, so he had to find something else “outrageous” to say to get his name out there. Poor Adam. Sitting by the phone, wishing oh so hard that Jimmy Kimmel would call, just once in a while…

  • Lvng1tor

    @ocsunshine: I’d try and explain it to you but your argument is all over the place.
    1) the “mafia” quote was from Carolla. Did you even read the above story? I was using his own argument and then speaking to it. That’s how debate works. I didn’t say “gay mafia” as you said I did. FACT!
    2)You put being #1 and his wisdom as part of your defense. I spoke to the two different points. I just tied up the package by asking a question to see how you felt? I used the example of Kim K as mirror for your Since being so successful was based on his wisdom in your opinion. At least that’s the way it read to me.
    3)Seriously, ya wanna debate Kim K…..you so missed the point. Really, WTF does her not building her own house have to do with anything I wrote at all? I can’t even tel you how absurd and simple that whole thing made you sound.
    I think it would do you well to relax a bit and really read what others are writing. Then take a moment, organize your thoughts and think about what you read before you write your random left field reply’s.
    4)I’m not on an Adam Carolla hate bandwagon. I answered to your defense of him and how I thought your argument was weak. My first post spoke to individuality and not lumping a group together and making it an us vs. them situation.
    5)You were unable to answer to any of my actual argument. You only ranted on a comparison that was obviously beyond your understanding. You tried, unsuccessfully, to accuse me not getting my facts correct when you in fact were wrong and just didn’t take time to correctly read what I wrote. I have no other option then to declare you invalid in this argument.
    I’m thinking that BrianZ hit the nail on the head. You may now focus on hammers and how I compared you to one. TrollDown!

  • Lvng1tor

    @ocsunshine: Ok I will have to bite the bullet and suck it up a bit. I accidentally erased a portion of my #2 response so it doesn’t relate clearly what I wanted to say. I’ll take the “smack” because I accused you, rightly so, of not organizing yourself well and then I did the same. My bad.

  • michael mellor

    Adam Carolla has gay face.

  • Snapper59

    I think he has a minor point, or are we forgetting “She-Mail”. “Blazing Saddles” or “All in the Family” would be pilloried today, and they are considered ground breaking. “South Park” has balls because Trey Parker and Matt Stone have never wavered, and “Mr Slave” and Gay Al are hilarious. Jesthus Chrith.

  • Ridpathos

    I remember I used to listen to a radio station that he hosted a morning show on. His “humor” was honestly extremely lame, and I found myself quickly changing the channel anytime he came on. Not to mention, his voice is scratchy and annoying. I haven’t heard of him for years until this article and good riddance. I hope he continues to fade into the darkness.

  • Wilberforce

    He is an idiot. And his humor is often offensive, simply because he doesn’t make fun of people respectfully, but does it with the old, bigoted, hateful method.
    There’s a fine line between the two. I can say ‘girl, get a grip,’ and it’s snarky and playful. But there is a crowd these days, mostly trans folk, who are looking to be offended by even the most innocent remark. They are ruining gay male humor.
    None of this applies to Adam C, though, because his humor is often outright disrespectful, and he doesn’t know the difference.

  • damon459

    This from a guy who is so low in hollywood now all he has is a podcast, and who bashed gay parents while having nannies raise his own kids. So forgive me if I don’t give a flying fuck what he thinks about anything!

  • Ottoman

    Adam who?

  • BJ McFrisky

    He’s right in many ways. Any comedian will tell you how ridiculous the current PC climate is and how difficult it is to tip-toe around issues that will get you labeled “phobic” of women, gays, blacks, Muslims, and pretty much anyone who isn’t hetero, white, and male.

    You guys get it—the humor part. Why are so many others so hyper-sensitive?

  • Ottoman

    Well, nothing is funnier than straight, white men losing their privilege.

  • xzall

    My sense on Adam Carolla is he’s an asshole. He’s a Republican who trots out all their talking points as if he suckled at the breast of Rush Limbaugh.

    He complains and whines about political correctness and the gay mafia as if that’s the reason why he’s reduced to podcasts and virtual obscurity. But that’s not it. He’s just not funny

    Lots of comedians are assholes. See Bill Maher who gave the term gay mafia life. He’s not always politically correct. He was recently on his show criticizing the Islam religion and defending Donald Sterling’s right to privacy.

    Still Bill Maher and comedians like Joan Rivers whose specialty is insult comedy like calling Kanye’s baby ugly, and Howard Stern who walks all over political correctness, all have found a way to have long lasting careers. The difference between them and a Adam Carolla or a Dennis Miller, is they’re a hell of a lot funnier.

    Adam Carolla needs to stop whining and blaming PC or gays or anyone else for his problems. He just sucks at being a comedian.

  • Lvng1tor

    @xzall: Great response…I think I love you!

  • WuzUpYall

    Ms. Carolla should shut up and stick to catching those pesky, bad contractors.

  • FlatIronJD

    Agreed, but reponding to homophobia with ageism, not so good, i.e. ” *old* dirtbag Adam Carolla”. Corolla is 49 btw.

  • SammyB

    I’m also a gay fan of Carolla, and I don’t get why articles like this seem hellbent on adding him to the enemy celebrity list. He has a pretty standard libertarian outlook on things: Let LGBTQ’s marry, let people do what they want as long as it doesn’t interfere with me doing what I want.

    There are definitely those among us who have lost our sense of humor on the subject. If we cry wolf over every little comment it makes legitimate complaints from the community less effective. This kind of slanted take on his interview is exactly what he’s talking about when he says the queer community is too sensitive. We should be able to roll with a few jokes and not cry homophobia at every turn, otherwise the word will lose its meaning, and though we may be on the right side of history we are not out of the woods yet. We need to save the crying for when the real wolves arrive and leave rights advocates like Carolla alone.

  • Polaro

    Poor Adam, if you want to be controversial in your comedy, it needs to be very funny. Otherwise, it is just rude, like your act.

  • Elloreigh

    Let me put it this way: It wouldn’t hurt my feelings in the least if Adam Carolla would just shut up. I’ve never found him the least bit funny, so I wouldn’t be missing a thing.

  • hotshot70

    Adam Corolla is as funny as AIDS.

  • DuMaurier

    As a non-fan of Carolla, I have some understanding of where he’s coming from. The thing about these periodic burts of outrage over some “over-the-line” tastelss joke is that the eruptions are so unpredictable. You never know what’s going to hit a nerve get the Internet going into hysteria.

    Joan Rivers goes along saying ghastly-funny things about anything and everything without a murmur, and then the kidnap victim joke has everyone running for the torches and pitchforks. Seth McFarlane’s shows (which I love) have stereotyped-gay jokes, racial jokes, rape jokes, etc etc, all without causing a ripple, then an episode about Quagmire’s trans dad ignites a tsunami. If there are actual rules about this stuff, could someone put them in a book so we all know?

  • Kieran

    If it looks like an asshole and talks like an asshole, it’s an asshole.
    Adam Carolla is an asshole.

  • BrianZ

    @DuMaurier: No, we don’t need to censor outrage and we don’t need to post a rulebook. I agree that sometimes it can appear that groups are overly sensitive and “can’t take a joke” anymore. Too bad.

    And the reason I say that is because these people are making a living out of being provocative, pushing buttons and hoping for a laugh. They are purposely walking right up to the line of good taste and playing hopscotch with it. So there should be zero surprise that sometimes the provocation is met with something other than humor.

    I completely support the notion that people have a right to be provocative and make jokes, even at other people’s expense. And I firmly believe everyone else has the right to let those people know how they feel about it. Who’s the bigger cry-baby: The guy who gets pissed at yet another lame gay joke or the comedian who can’t stand the criticism for taking an easy shot?

  • ClassicallyLiberal

    @xzall: He is not a Republican. He is socially liberal, he supports legalizing gay marriage and/or getting government out of marriage all together. “I love gay people, there should be more gay people, our society would be better if we had a higher percentage of gay people.” Adam Carolla
    He also supports many other forward thinking “liberal” policies, e.g., legalization or decriminalization of marijuana, sentencing reform, and alternative energy. He is also on record making it very clear that he thinks it is insulting and oppressive for one person to assume they know what is best for a group of people. To compare him to Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh is laughable, these are social conservatives that want the government to regulate YOURS and everyone else’s behavior. He wants the opposite, he wants the individual to determine their behavior and be responsible for it. However, the most entertaining part of this article and its comments is the irony in the reaction to his statements being exactly what he is discussing. It is pretty entertaining to watch him play the individuals that feel his comments deserve an uproar like a fiddle. He got the results from his harmless statements that he knew he would. “Listen do whatever the f*** you want to do whenever you want to do it and unless you harm somebody else or put them in jeopardy, f*** it.” Adam Carolla

  • askthecoolcookie

    Adam Carolla built his career on other people’s pain and misery. Now those people are pushing back and like all good bullies, he’s blaming victims. He needs to grow up, and he needs to grow a pair and he needs to find a career that he’s good at, because comedy is not it.

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