Adam Pally Plays It One Gay At A Time On “Happy Endings”

Max was always just represented matter-of-factly, and once I came in, they were able to tailor him to my strengths. But as far as the sexuality goes, we never really talk about it. The only time it does come up is when we’re doing a scene and think, ‘Why are we explaining so much why this person likes this other person? People know Max is a gay character, so why do we have to talk about it?’…I try not to think about any of that stuff [representing a particular type or subculture]. I feel like once you do, then you’re thinking too much about the macro of the character, and not just about the moment. I just want to take Max moment by moment and try not to think too much outside that… just where Max is in his life right now, he’s probably not ready for a long-term relationship, but I think at the end of that relationship with James Wolk’s character, you got to see that somewhere down the line, he could be. And I think that really did a lot to warm him and make him a full character.”

–Happy Endings’ Adam Pally talks to The A.V. Club about playing Max, “TV’s least stereotypical gay guy.”