Admit You Still Love Her! Host Your Own Gaga Party!

The Lady Gaga concert on HBO Saturday night is getting so much attention, it’s now become cool to feign disinterest in watching it. But don’t lie–you may go out Saturday night as if you have so many other important things to do, but you’re setting your DVR so you can watch the concert later. Go ahead, we know you wouldn’t really miss it.

Although her recent songs and videos have been somewhat questionable—we really wish she would stop dancing in her underwear, and gain back a few pounds—Gaga’s concerts are undeniably dazzling spectacles, meant to be shared with friends. A few tips to a successful Lady Gaga Concert Soiree:

1) Appropriate attire is a must. Everyone can wear weird sunglasses, and lightning bolt makeup is cheap. But wow your friends by buying a wig (or use your own hair!) and make your own Lady Gaga hair bow or even some soda can hair rollers.

2) Serve cheese fondue. We have it on good authority (we met her!) that she loves cheese fondue, served with bread. Here’s a great recipe.

3) Play the concert loud. If your neighbors complain, simply snarl and flash the Little Monsters Hand Claw.

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