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Adoption-Happy Anderson Cooper Outed by John Edwards’ Favorite Tabloid

Does the story about Anderson Cooper‘s plan to become a dad, by adopting a Haitian orphan, carry as much truth as Tila Tequila’s with-child claims? Actually more, because the National Enquirer says it’s so!

Because the Enquirer got the John Edwards sex scandal right, and before anyone else, the supermarket tabloid now has about two years worth of trust built up, where we’ll believe any plausible story. Including the one that, in a front page report, claims the CNN anchorman and partner Benjamin Maisani are adopting a child from Haiti, where Cooper has spent a few weeks reporting. (No word if it’s this boy.) And that they’ll be raising him in their new firehouse.

This report is, meanwhile, the most “mainstream” piece yet that outs Cooper as A Gay, notes Gawker. Which is significant — and also a sign of things to come. It took the rest of the media, what, only a year to finally report on the Edwards scandal after the tabloid’s first report? Great! See you in 2011 when Cooper’s wink-wink sexuality is still a bigger secret than a presidential candidate with a love child.

Then again, maybe the Enquirer‘s sources got their story mixed up with this Cooper-related Haitian adoption. Also: Baby stories help move tabloid magazines off newsstand shelves like fat boys loving cake.

UPDATE: Cooper denies the Enquirer‘s report … about adopting a baby, not moving in with his boyfriend: “While the plight of children in Haiti has touched us all, stories about me adopting a baby are completely false.”