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Adrian Fenty Volunteers to Head Straight to Hell By Signing Marriage Law in a Church


Well this is bound to stir up some shit: D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty will today sign the city’s gay marriage bill into law … at a church. It’s likely it’ll be Covenant Baptist Church, the black church where husband-and-wife co-pastors (and gay marriage supporters) Dennis and Christine Wiley preside, or All Souls Unitarian Church, known for its LGBT inclusiveness. (UPDATE: It’s happening now, at All Souls!) We expect either the sky to open up and lightening to strike Fenty dead; or, bursts of applause and tears of joy. Either way, we’re more in love with Fenty than ever, as this is an obvious fuck you to the religious bigots who threatened gay marriage supporters — and a nod to a religious community that can actually welcome us as equals.