MN Viking Adrian Peterson OK With Patting A Gay Teammate On The Butt — Showering However….

adrian-peterson-espnMinnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson claims that an openly gay teammate “really wouldn’t bother me that much,” but admits that he still would have his guard — and maybe his towel — up in the locker room.

“Simple things, as far as showers and things like that, you know, of course, anyone would be uncomfortable,” Peterson told The Oklahoman. “But you know, I’m a grown man. There’s things that I can deal with. I’m comfortable in my skin. I’ll still high-five them. Pat them on the butt when he’s doing good, and go on about my business.”

Last week, Peterson said that gay marriage is “not something I believe in,” which probably didn’t go over well with the gay relatives Peterson supposedly does believe in.

Sounds like Adriiiaaaaaaaannn (couldn’t resist) could use a little sensitivity training and let us be the first to volunteer. We’d take a pat on the butt from him any day.

Photo: ESPN

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  • tazz602

    While I respect people’s own journeys to come out, HE is exactly the reason more active athletes need to come out. People like him will be shocked to realize they have already been showering with gay men on their teams, at the gym, etc. We are already everywhere he has been.

  • tardis

    LMAO. This made me laugh. What a condescending statement. It just goes to show you the fear mentality of the individual. He’s like, “Am I not merciful? I’ll high five them.” Lmao. That’s just so hilarious. These players are just stuck in their bubble, seeing the world in one shade. And…as if. As if a gay player, struggling to prove themselves would initiate sexual advances in the locker room. Totally mind boggling. Totally.

  • Sweet Boy

    He looks rather bottomish…down-low anybody?

  • Dionte

    The get so much man on man action to be so afraid, it’s strange.

  • Tackle

    I don’t have a problem with what he said. We really cannot expect everyone to immediatly embrace us with open arms. I look at this situation like this. He seems like he’s open and would have no problem with a gay teammate. With that I believe him. Here’s where he needs to be educated in gay life. In or out of a shower, he is not gonna be every gay mans type. Yes there are gays on team’s right now, who have yet to come out. But the very few who would come out would know that they are being watched would not embarrass or bring scrutiny to themselves with prolonged looks at the naked bodies of teammates. I’m willing to bet that out gays would have some of the shortist shower sessions.I’m that kind of environment .

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