MN Viking Adrian Peterson OK With Patting A Gay Teammate On The Butt — Showering However….

adrian-peterson-espnMinnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson claims that an openly gay teammate “really wouldn’t bother me that much,” but admits that he still would have his guard — and maybe his towel — up in the locker room.

“Simple things, as far as showers and things like that, you know, of course, anyone would be uncomfortable,” Peterson told The Oklahoman. “But you know, I’m a grown man. There’s things that I can deal with. I’m comfortable in my skin. I’ll still high-five them. Pat them on the butt when he’s doing good, and go on about my business.”

Last week, Peterson said that gay marriage is “not something I believe in,” which probably didn’t go over well with the gay relatives Peterson supposedly does believe in.

Sounds like Adriiiaaaaaaaannn (couldn’t resist) could use a little sensitivity training and let us be the first to volunteer. We’d take a pat on the butt from him any day.

Photo: ESPN