Race "play"

This adult video studio paired a guy with a racist tattoo with a black dude

ChaosMen, Basil. confederate flag, tattoo, racist, white supremacist
Basil from ChaosMen (image via ChaosMen.com)

Barely a week ago, the Texas-based gay adult studio ChaosMen featured Basil, a solo performer with a confederate flag tattoo on his right arm. Now, just a few days after a white supremacist shooter killed down 22 people and injured 24 others in El Paso, the same studio has featured Basil again … only this time they’ve paired him with a black guy (link NSFW) — they’ve gotta be trolling us, right?

His scene partner Jerome is identified as half black and half white on his ChaosMen profile page.

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When asked last week by the gay adult industry website Str8UpGayP*rn why ChaosMen owner Bryan Ockert chose to feature a model with a tattooed symbol of white supremacy, Ockert didn’t respond. But by releasing this second scene, the studio has shown that it either doesn’t care or that it considers such content profitable.

Perhaps we should give Basil and Ockert the benefit of the doubt? After all, while the confederate flag is undoubtedly a symbol of hate that was re-popularized by white southerners who opposed racial integration, some people ignorantly get them thinking that they just signify pride in their Southern roots.

Also, it’s probably not the case that gay and bisexual white supremacists are specifically seeking out performers with racist tattoos to get totally turned on while fixating on their tattoos.

But pairing a guy with a racist tattoo with a black scene partner is at the very least taboo and might appeal to both racists and those with a race play fetish. After all, there are many gay adult videos that focus on white men being dominated by “black thugs” (ugh) and vice-versa.

Either way, Ockert and his studio can’t ignore the politically charged social climate surrounding his productions. And one wonders whether he’ll eventually remove Basil’s scenes — the same way mainstream gay adult studio Sean Cody did with Zane, its performer with a similarly racist tattoo — or just continue to generate clicks and controversy by continuing to feature him.