AFA Still Attacking “Gay” McD’s

Oh, lord! The American “Family” Association refuses to give up their “good” fight against McDonald’s.

The anti-gay non-profit began ramping up efforts last May, when they blasted the fast food chain’s commitment to queer causes, like their sponsorship of pride parades. Not ones to be bullied, McDonald’s executives refuses to back down, which has since spurred the AFA to up the ante a bit.

Realizing that their members aren’t the most intellectually evolved, the AFA has spelled out their beef with the beloved American restaurant:

What the boycott of McDonald’s IS NOT about
• This boycott is not about hiring homosexuals.
• It is not about homosexuals eating at McDonald’s.
• It is not about how homosexual employees are treated.

What the boycott of McDonald’s IS about
It is about McDonald’s, as a corporation, refusing to remain neutral in the culture wars. McDonald’s has chosen not to remain neutral but to give the full weight of their corporation to promoting the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage.

You know, this could actually be a good thing. Well, for the AFA, at least. Sure, it’s socially irresponsible, but think of all the weight they’ll lose! Thanks, homosexuals!

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  • ColeWake

    This is hi-lar-ious. Is Don Wildmon really still alive?

    This boycott was a serious strategic error on the AFA’s part. They usually claim victory when something unrelated has a desired effect (like when Ford cut its advert budget because it was losing money out the ass, like every other non-boycotted American car company).

    There is no way AFA can win this. Any earnings decline at McDonalds will be, rightly so, attributed to food prices and the economy plus the negative publicity surrounding McDonald’s pulling money out of gay orgs would be exponentially greater than anything the AFA can generate now-a-days.

    In fact, McDonalds might even sustain or increase commitments to gay orgs, while tightening its belt elsewhere, to avoid even the appearance of caving to the boycott. So any groups that get new or more money this year should send a thank you note to the AFA.

    AFA’s boycott of McDonalds will go on for years and prove nothing but the increasing irrelevance of the AFA and it’s constituency in American society. I encourage them to continue acting like a bunch of spoil children who are no longer the center of attention.

    Oh, and I will be driving 8 hours today back to Arkansas, I imagine every meal will be at a McDonalds…

  • Darth Paul

    They need something to bray about. Let them exhaust themselves up against a corporate titan.

  • fredo777

    As fun as it is to laugh at them, I’d rather we stop giving AFA attention altogether.

  • Mark

    what I don’t understand… how is the AFA considered a 501(c)(3) tax deductible non-profit and not a PAC, when places like the HRC are considered a PAC and not tax deductible 501(c)(3)?

    they both lobby for various laws, both should be considered PACs. how can someone in the gay community not be enraged about this? where are the gay attorneys on this one?

  • l

    Is Ronald going buddhist? Stop slaughtering cows, clown boy!

  • SuperCat

    They claim to be upset because McDonalds isn’t being neutral, but I bet if McDonalds was funding anti-gay groups they wouldn’t care.
    …what the hells a culture war? First I’ve heard of it.

  • Walter Ward

    I am the lucky one. I travel the world over and am able to find a Mickey D’s in foreign countries.

  • JeffRob


    How in the world can you expect neutrality when MickyD’s has absolutely nothing to lose from a stupid little boycott of their humongous, delicious corporation by undoubtedly the fattest people on the planet. Like they’ll really be able to resist their bi-weekly #3 with a large coke just because of “morals”. Shyeah.

    But I am glad they’re so fond of the phrase “culture wars”. Yeah, that’s it; take a multi-faceted philosophical, cultural, political discussion and give it as simplistically violent a nomenclature as you possibly can.


  • mark

    you deserve a break today
    so go b*tch slap AFA

    at McDonalds

    mmmmm! the BEST fries and Southern chicken sandwiches,,,and a shake

  • greybat

    Well, I would feel a little less guilty about eating there if they’d just get rid of the corn-syrup! Feh.

  • Terrible Tore

    I won’t boycott McDonald’s because I don’t eat there in the first place. I can get better food at a Tim Hortons or another restaurant. Aside from the hype, their food leaves a lot to be desired.

  • greybat

    Tore, that may be the best policy of all!

  • (not wanting on one to know)

    You guys are idiots!!! homosexuals are IDIOTS! GOD created us, and in Genesis He says “Be fruitful and multiply” how do you expect us to do that if you are lady and you merry a lady?!?!?!?!?! this is SO stupid!! and i am GLAD AFA won the boycott!!! and by the way, thank you McDonalds for ending the boycott!

  • fredo777

    The last poster is a moron.

    Hint: AFA didn’t win shit. Also, it’s spelled “marry”, ass-butt.

  • greybat

    Some of us ladies do egg-splicing! That way certain breeders can be written out of the equation!

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