Ahmanson’s Dangerous Crusade Goes Beyond Prop 8

While organizations like the Church of Latter-day Saints and the Knights of Columbus are getting gay flack for their roles in pushing Proposition 8, which would overturn gay marriage in California, there’s one man who deserves more public outcry: Howard F. Ahmanson.

The reclusive banking heir has given more money than any other individual – $800,000. And his mission’s far more insidious than simply destroying same-sex marriage right.

He’s looking to establish an entire Christian nation.

Max Blumenthal helps paint the horrific picture over at The Daily Beast:

While Ahmanson once resided in a mental institution in Kansas, he now occupies a position among the Christian right’s power pantheon as one of the movement’s most influential donors. During a 1985 interview with the Orange County Register, Ahmanson summarized his political agenda: “My goal is the total integration of biblical law into our lives.”

Blumenthal goes on to explain that Ahmanson, has been heavily influenced by Armenian theorist R.J. Rushdoony, who wanted nothing more than to collapse the division between church and state:

Describing his philosophy as “Christian Reconstructionism,” Rushdoony painstakingly outlined plans for the church to take over the federal government and “reconstruct” it along biblical lines. He provided detailed plans for how it would provide healthcare, pave roads and reorganize schools, and how it would mete out justice.

While certainly dangerous to the lavender set, Ahmanson’s vision spells disaster for American democracy. It’s for that reason – among others – that he and his ilk must be defeated today. They need to be taken down a notch.