Albert Snyder Is Certain Westboro Baptist’s Funeral Protesting Is Going To Start A Gun Fight

Following the Supreme Court’s 8-1 decision to let the Westboro Baptist Church continue celebrating dead soldiers at said dead soldiers’ funerals, Albert Snyder (the father of slain Marine Matthew, and who sued the church) insists Armageddon is coming. Or something slightly less violent: “Something is going to happen. Somebody is going to get hurt. You have too many soldiers and Marines coming back with post-traumatic stress syndrome, and they (the Westboro protesters) are going to go to the wrong funeral and the guns are going to go off. And when it does, I just hope it doesn’t hit the mother that’s burying her child or the little girl that’s burying her father or mother. It’s inevitable.” Snyder owes Westboro $116k in court costs (which Bill O’Reilly has offered to pay!), money he is sure “they are going to use … to do this to other soldiers.”

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  • Geoff B

    I never want violence to come to any human, having said that, I would not shed one fucking tear if someone blasted one or more of the inbred Phelps clan straight to hell. Intellectually, I know it’s sinking to their level, but I would love to piss on their graves. They are not human, they don’t count.

  • Harbo

    @Geoff B: Good for you. You said it for me. The mis-directed Westboro Church members commit a violent act by picketing and violence begats violence. Should gunfire occur, comeone is going to get hurt – or worse. And they will have brought it all on themselves. They are the scum of the earth. I wouldn’t lift a fucking finger to help one of these devil’s disciples.

  • NMV

    If and when this happens, and believe me, I also think its inevitable, can we protest at their funeral? I would love to host a sign-making craft day at my house.

  • ewe

    This guy has no empathy for anyone but soldiers. He is not even acknowldeging the Phelps fuckwad clan of clownery have been doing this at gay funerals for decades. The real truth is he is hoping they get shot and putting the word out much like sarah palin putzcunt says reload or bill oreilly loudmouth says tiller the killer. They are exercising the same rights they are telling other people cannot. It’s pathetic. I understand his grief but he is not the big picture here and neither is the entire military.

  • ewe

    I have been in cities where many people are screaming at the westboro nut clan and i have also gone to small towns where i and i alone was the only one standing in opposition to them across the street so i really think this guy should do it himself instead of hoping other people do it for him which is exactly what he wants. Since Bill oreilly loudmouth is paying the bill he owes the phelps inbreds, i have no doubt they have spoken privately and this guy was coached on what to say to avoid going away to prison himself.

  • ewe

    There is an extremely fine and faint line between what Albert Snyder is saying here and inciting other people to commit the violence he may be secretly wishing for. And that, too, is very different than the nutfuck Phelps quacks saying gODD is going to do what they want done.

  • Funeral Directors London

    I just think its pure evil to picket a funeral. I so think if one of their family die everyone from the town should try and mess it up. As said before you end up sinking to their level

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