Alec Baldwin’s Gay National Enquirer Feud

The National Enquirer‘s Mike Walker insists Alec Baldwin screamed at Tina Fey on the set of 30 Rock, and angryman Baldwin responded by calling Walker “a goat-footed, wheezy, old queen, and all my male lovers agree with me.” Sounds about right. [Page Six]

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  • romeo

    Was there hair pulling?

  • terrwill

    Sounds like Alec needs another meds adjustment… : p

  • Nightstalker


  • romeo

    I think it’s obvious he has an anger management problem, but I’ve always like him anyway. Saw him in a movie he made when he was younger, hottest, cream in your pants blue eyes ever.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Angry outbursts are one thing, but given the turn of phrase I think he knew exactly what he was saying and it was no slip.


  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Isn’t a “goat-footed, wheezy, old queen” by any other name still a “goat-footed, wheezy, old queen”? Bravo, Alec.

    How about focusing your laser-targeted wit at that idiot homophobe self-righteous brother Stephen.

  • Robert, NYC

    No. 6, Mike in Asheville, I agree. His brother Stephen is a piece of work, a right wing homophobe. I can only imagine the fights he and Alec have about politics. i’ll give Alec a pass on this. He’s an out and loud pro-equality supporter and an ardent supporter of civil marriage equality, DADT repeal and ENDA. I wish he’d run for political office. He’s bright, intelligent and knows how to confront the right wingers unlike the one we have in the White House.

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