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  • j

    A proper icon. It’s so sad that his biggest fear was dying before his mother, and when the opposite happened it was too much for him to bear. Human life can be inextricably tragic.

  • REBELComx

    A very sad picture. He looks tortured, ready to break.
    On another note, he does look like a very recently out actor…
    Anyone picturing a biopic starting Sean Hayes?

  • Jack

    @REBELComx: We have gay actors in England, thanks. Don’t need Sean Hayes faking a “British” (is that English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh?! They’re all the same in Americaland!) accent.

  • REBELComx

    @Jack: One could say the same about Christian Bale and Gary Oldman faking American accents to play Bruce Wayne/Batman and Commissioner Gordon. I’m quite keen on all the various accents from the British Isles and can tell them apart quite easily. I was raised with various BBC programing, Python, Hammer films, and have a general appreciation for European history, including my own Irish/mixed heritage. We aren’t ALL “ugly Americans” who are ignorant of the various cultural differences enriching Great Britain.
    I’ve nothing but respect for out actors, no matter what side of the pond they are on. I’m just saying there’s a striking resemblance…at least from this haunting picture.

  • Xtian99

    As US/UK citizen, can interject?

    @Jack …slight nasty, no? Your post wreaks of that whole british “we used to have an empire but all I got now is this lousey foreskin” attitude. And your “They’re all the same in Americaland!” nice generalization … kind of like all Brits having horrible teeth and all gays molesting kids.

    REBELComx was simply statng McQueen looked like Sean Hayes.
    And for the record, I’ve found that Americans are quite good at telling English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh accents apart.

  • El Brucio

    @REBELComx: Now that you’ve pointed that out I can’t stop seeing the resemblance.

  • Jack

    @Xtian99: I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you through that burger. I’m guessing you’re trying to express some sort of insecurity about having had half your dick hacked off at birth? Bad luck, old chap. Cheerio!

  • Jack

    @Jack: Ok, that sounds harsh – it was meant as a joke, but perhaps it doesn’t come across as one…but before anyone accuses me of ‘hating’ Americans, my boyfriend’s from Omaha, NE.

    But seriously…accusing ME of being ‘nasty’, and of ‘making generalisations’, before stating ‘Your post wreaks of that whole british “we used to have an empire but all I got now is this lousey foreskin” attitude.’ Irony, much?

    Your experience of Americans vs. “the British accent” runs directly contrary to mine. I’ve encountered numerous Americans who not only fail to distinguish between English regional accents, but between English, Australian and South African accents. I was even once asked ‘So Wales is, like, a country?! I thought it was, like, a place in England!’

    And no, I still don’t think Jack from Will & Grace is the right choice to play a serious role in a biopic which ends with a tragic suicide. If given the task of casting such a role, I’d go for geniune acting ability over someone who, from one angle, bears a passing resemblance to the subject in one photograph.

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