Alleged Anti-Gay Gets Creative With Constitution

Ted Doudak sounds like a real scumbag.

The Queens-based jeweler stands accused of firing 58-year old John Fairchild after Fairchild told him his daughter’s a lesbian and he, too, qualifies as queer.

Doudak – an admittedly religious man – allegedly started ranting about repulsion, sin and other proverbial anti-gay justifications.

Now, the men are duking it out in court. Unfortunately, Doudak ain’t cooperating. He’s too busy perverting constitutional rights.

Fairchild’s lawyer, William Kaiser, sought to quiz Doudak about his religious beliefs before trial, asking if Doudak “believes that ‘homosexuality is a sin against God’ … believes that ‘gays and lesbians are doomed to eternal damnation’ … [or] regards homosexuals as ‘repulsive.'”

[Doudak’s lawyer] said that being forced to answer those questions would violate Doudak’s First Amendment rights, and Fairchild would try to use Doudak’s beliefs as proof he intended to illegally discriminate.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Carol Edmead last month ordered Doudak to answer, saying no one can use their right to religious freedom “as a cloak for acts of discrimination or as a justification of [discriminatory] practices.”

Perhaps Bill Maher’s right – maybe homos need to form their own religion. That’ll show the anti-gay Bible thumpers!