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Allow Mormon Leader Dieder Uchtdorf to Clarify: Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner

Boyd K. Packer’s attack on the gays in front of the entire LDS community doesn’t mean all Mormon leaders think homosexuality is some wretched plague god cast upon man. Dieter F. Uchtdorf, who holds the title of second counselor in the governing First Presidency, used Sunday’s sermon for some damage control

On Sunday, Uchtdorf reiterated the church’s position that it doesn’t know the cause of homosexuality and that it doesn’t matter. “Many questions in life, however, including some related to same-gender attractions, must await a future answer, even in the next life,” Uchtdorf said. “Until then, the truth is, God loves all his children, and because he loves us, we can trust him and keep his commandments.”

Now faithful Mormons can all breath sighs of relief, because they’ve finally been instructed they can continue calling you sinners without having to hate you. Brava!

Some audience members welcomed Uchtdorf’s approach, which seemed more consistent with the church’s position. “It seemed fairly close to the line we’ve been getting lately — the idea that the practice is sinful, but homosexual tendencies are acceptable within the church as long as people don’t act on them,” said Jennie Pulsipher, a Mormon who watched the regional conference via satellite at her east-side Salt Lake City stake center. “He also emphasized that [gays] should be treated lovingly as children of God.”

[Salt Lake Tribune]

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  • A Gay Mormon Boy

    It should be noted that despite Uchtdorf’s title of second counselor in the First Presidency, Packer is still next in line to head the LDS Church.

    Within gay Mormondom, Packer’s announcement resulted in heartache, anger, and many requests by LGBT Mormons to remove their names from church records. (It definitely reignited some of the Prop 8 feelings of betrayal in my case). Uchtdorf’s words are appreciated, but haven’t reverberated as strongly or quickly.

    What really needs to happen is a move towards an open dialogue with youth. This message of loving the sinner and hating the sin reverberates well with adults, but it’s if not passed on to the 12 year-old boy who feels he’s going to hell for having perfectly natural feelings and considering ending his life, this message will be nothing but PR.

  • Cam

    So just for clarification, does that mean that when they wouldn’t allow blacks to even be addmitted to full membership in their church they didn’t “Hate the Person” just the “Race”?

  • Vman455

    OK, fine–so it doesn’t matter what causes homosexuality. The end result is still the same: the church’s official position is still that gays shouldn’t do anything gay, that marriage between two men or two women is wrong, and they will continue to fight it wherever and however they can. Despite some members “welcom[ing]” his words, to me this isn’t good news; it’s indifferent news.

  • B

    No. 1 · A Gay Mormon Boy wrote, “It should be noted that despite Uchtdorf’s title of second counselor in the First Presidency, Packer is still next in line to head the LDS Church.”

    I wouldn’t worry about that too much – that geezer will probably kick the bucket before he gets a chance to reach the top, but even if does get in, he most likely won’t last long.

  • Gary

    Either way the message is the same. You are not worthy to love or to be loved. Guaranteed to go through life (and eternity) alone if you follow their rules. If I want to be on my own it will be because I choose to, not because mr packer says I must. And I will choose those with whom I want to spend eternity (assuming there is an afterlife). As a survivor of Mormonism, I appreciate how tough it can be for LGBT kids caught in their web. Get out, it gets better!

  • southpaugh

    The more of us who come out, the easier it is for each succeeding exit from the closet. The more of us who clearly declare the delusion of religious teaching, the easier it is for each succeeding refutation of their condemnation. These guys are making life decisions based on unbelievable fraud; it only sticks because children are brainwashed from infancy, securely chained and locked through fear and guilt. The more of us to lead by example, the easier each subsequent escape from the LDS’s deadend fraud. How many recovering Mormons have addressed life after “salvation” from their cult among the “It Gets Better” project videos? Links, please! Raise their profile for LDS kids to see.

  • Ryan

    Gay Mormon Boy, what the hell are you talking about? This man is just as hateful as Packer. “Love the sinner, hate the sin” is meaningless semantics. Are you sexually active? If so, then you’re going to burn in hell for eternity according to Packer AND Uchtdorf.”. What does it matter that Uchtdorf “loves” you? And the hypothetical teenage boy who was same sex “tendencies”. Why would Packer’s words matter any more or less to him than Uchtdorf’s “loving” words? In either scenario, he’s doomed to burn in hell for eternity or live his whole life alone and miserable. And yes, he’ll hate himself for his urges either way. It blows my mind that you were upset by Packer’s words and comforted by Uchtdorf’s. They are the same words. And shame on you for belonging to a religion that promotes such hate.

  • the crustybastard

    So they’re saying, “We believe that God will probably punish gay people for being gay with eternal torment. But just in case that’s not true, we’ll keep on punishing gays on Earth.”


  • Isaiah29Probverbs

    It is possible to do just that to hate the sin and love the sinner. Stop and think that Christ our Lord taught against a number of sins, and he our redeemer Loved us.

    The church stated and it has been it’s position that they do not know all the reasons as to why those of us with same gender attraction have these attractions.

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