Alyssa Edwards Royally Shades Amanda Bynes In “Alyssa’s Secret” Part 2

Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan? It’s a tough choice to make, considering the fact that both are uniquely crazy in their own right. But if anyone is qualified to decide which is more desirable, it’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 favorite Alyssa Edwards.

Edwards is back online with a new episode of “Alyssa’s Secret” this week, the web series where the much-loved queen dishes all her dirty deets. In today’s episode, Alyssa reveals she’s a huge fan of The Parent Trap (because who isn’t?) and has no idea who Amanda Bynes is. Nothing says premium shade like not knowing the queen you’re reading.

Find out what Alyssa thinks of both her messy subjects in Alyssa’s Secret Part 2.