An IndieGogo Campaign Is Raising Funds For Gay Couple Assaulted In NYC

20130509192017-3An IndieGogo campaign has been launched to help pay the medical bills of Nick Porto and Kevin Atkins, the two gay men assaulted by a group of angry Knicks fans in New York City last Sunday. The couple was allegedly targeted for walking hand-in-hand, and subsequently beaten in broad daylight.

The couple sustained injuries including Nick’s broken nose and Kevin’s broken arm, on top of losing an iPhone and iPad in the scuffle. The IndieGogo campaign aims to raise $5,000 in the next month to help pay their medical bills, and to replace the the stolen items.

The NYPD is still dragging their feet on the case, though they have released a grainy video of the alleged attackers, asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at (800)-577-TIPS.

While the IndieGogo page asks donors to “help restore their faith in humanity,” we can’t help but wonder why nobody on the seemingly crowded New York City street followed the assailants or attempted to intervene.

“I was so naive to think that things were better here,” Atkins said.

Yeah, us too.

To make a donation for the couple’s medical bills, visit IndieGogo.

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