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And How Does Anderson Cooper Know America’s Homosexuals Didn’t Kill Those Birds?

Cindy Jacobs, the wise woman from Generals International who blamed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell for the mass death of all those birds, might consider herself a prophet, but Anderson Cooper certainly doesn’t.

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  • MikeE

    she says she’s a “prophet”?
    maybe some of those kindly mental health specialists should look into her delusions?

  • JT

    Frankly, I’m unimpressed. If this is all her god is willing or able to do, what a wussy deity. I could easily kill more birds and fish in one day, and for much more justifiable reasons.

  • Comixbear

    Isn’t that the junkie/main character from Strangers With Candy???

  • THE OFFICIAL ANDERSON COOPER ENEMY (because never being disliked is a deprivation too)

    oh anderson i’m trying to hate you. i really am. but you’re making it sooo difficult. (i nearly said “sooo hard” which would have been uncouth, and open to the right interpretation)

  • Cam

    Yeah, funny how god hates gays and yet all these bird deaths are happening in the Bible Belt.

  • TPA Trent

    I think those evil closeted entertainers are responsible for all the world’s ills…if they all came out, the stars would align and we would reach utopia…LOL.

  • hephaestion

    Yes! Amy Sedaris could do a great routine imitating this wacky woman!

  • McMike

    It is beyond frustrating when homophobes spit out information as “fact” and it doesn’t even come close. This is not the 1st time our military has had openly gay members since George Washington hired an out and proud gay man to train our troops.

  • a

    will never take him seriously till he comes the fuck out.

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