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And So Begin The Rumors That Equality California Is Shutting Down


A “very reliable” source claims Equality California, the activist group giving Geoff Kors and Marc Solomon reason to wake up in the morning, is going to be closing their field offices, laying off staff, and kicking Solomon (EQCA’s marriage director) to the curb by February. We reached out to EQCA’s media team, mostly to see how fast they can say “that story isn’t accurate.”

Is Geoff Kors Helping Spend More Money to Convince You He Needs More Of Your Money to Spend On Money Spending?

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  • Jackson

    EQ-CA did a terrible job. They wasted a lot of money.

    We need more street fighters like GitEqual. Donate today. We can’t do this for free. Our protests have forced Obama and the Dems into submission. Victory is near.

  • Ran

    This article is just a little incomplete, if you call it an article. It’s more like gossip. Just what is it with this publication trashing groups like EQCA and not giving them any credit at all. No, we didn’t win Prop 8 in the ballot box and perhaps if we had to do the campaign again we might approach it differently but what people are forgetting about Prop 8 is that they only won by a mere 600-thousand votes. EQCA has done a lot for our cause and it just wrong to discredit everything they’ve done.

    The reality is money to support us, is drying up, which forces our support groups to downsize and close. So while NOM and other anti-gay forces are racking in the money we’re self-destructing. That’s a problem. So, who’s going to be left speaking up for us and fighting for us.

    I’m sorry, but I will give GETEqual some credit, but they have not been a player long enough nor have the had a substantial impact in comparison to other groups. They have never tackled campaigns like EQCA or HRC and until they do we have no proof they can. Beside they’re like gnats for the Dems and President. Sure they apply some pressure but why aren’t they attacking the Republican’s who aren’t supporting us.

  • Gay Inc. Sucks

    EQ-CA, HRC, GLAAD, GetEQUAL, NGLTF and all the other phonies need to go away. They are not trying to win, they are just part of the game and that want our money.

    The LGBT Community has no leadership and no intelligence. I hope we wake up and tell these people to fuck off. Until they show us a plan to actually win they are just using us.

  • JOTR

    RAN – are you well?? Not only did this group botch the Prop 8 campaign, mostly because they wouldn’t listen, but they fiercely objected to having two of the world’s best lawyers take the case to federal court.

    They’re in it for their egos and the money. Just like HRC. They are worthless to us. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • True!

    All field offices close November 3rd. It’s official. Staff was notified 45 days ago.

  • Dan

    If you haven’t join or started a local GLBTA group, then don’t bitch about the state and national ones. Starting a local group is the best thing you can do to advance equality, other than coming out to friends, family, and neighbors.

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