And the Rumors Begin About Anderson Cooper Becoming the First Gay Evening Newscaster

And replacing the first female evening newscaster? Well, with Katie Couric’s CBS contract coming to its expiration date, the media gossips say the network approached CNN’s Coop about the gig. This might be accurate, or it might be a way for Mr. Cooper to try to secure an even higher fee from CNN, or it might be a way for CBS to scare Couric into accepting a low ball offer. Either way, all we can think about is: What will happen to Erica Hill?!

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  • JD

    Erica better come with him. Girl is hilarious.

  • Alexa

    Didn’t Connie Chung read the evening news at one point?

  • romeo

    Couric is out of her depth as new anchor. Her forte is the magazine shows, which is where she should have stayed. She doesn’t have the illusion of gravitas that audiences want from a news reader. Coop’s got it, but would he really want that gig? I would think that a news reader job would be kind of confining. I thought he wanted Larry King’s slot (when and if). I think Diane Sawyer is going to pull it off on ABC, though.

  • Sam

    @Alexa: She did, but as a fill-in/weekend anchor while Dan Rather was the main dude. Couric is the first woman to “headline,” as it were.

  • jake

    Erica Hill already left for CBS and is now the news anchor on The Early Show.
    The offer first offer to Cooper was made years ago, not long after Couric showed up.

  • Chitown Kev

    While I would love for a semi-out (I guess) gay man or lesbian to anchor a major network newscast, it just doesn’t seem right for Anderson Cooper.

    I think everyone has a little nitch that they do perfectly; for Oprah, for example, it was the talkshow format (Oprah used to anchor the news too).

    Coop is also good in the magazine style format, especially when he is on location. Let him stay there (unless he wants the challenge).

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    @No. 2 Alexa @No. Sam

    Sorry guys but you’re both off about this: Barbara Walters was the anchor for ABC Evening News, 1976-1978 [at the time, there were co-hosts].

  • Mickey

    Anderson’s reps now say the report about him replacing Couric is not true.

  • mikebuc

    Keep up for pete’s sake. Erica Hill left CNN over a month ago.

  • Cam

    wow, another excuse for all the apologists to give him for staying in the closet. We will hear all the laments about how Poor Anderson can’t come out NOW, he is on a major news cast! Siiiigh…..

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