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  • ewe

    I don’t know too many ANY men who can walk through a mob of angry arabs telling them to calm down and live through it. Kudos to Anderson Coopers quick thinking, skills and gay genes of course. That goes without saying. We love our Anderson Cooper and wrath be the day anyone takes him from US.

  • Beau Colby

    Of course, nobody in their right mind would be over there. Just because you are a “sellibrity” for CNN does NOT make you invulnerable or liked by other “un”civilizations. They could care less of your status elseswhere. He11, they probably do not know where America is let alone who is the President. They live/die in their own little world…Beau Colby

  • Beau Colby

    Of course, nobody in their right mind would be over there. Just because you are a “sellibrity” for CNN does NOT make you invulnerable or liked by other “un”civilizations. They could care less of your status elsewhere. He11, they probably do not know where America is let alone who is the President. They live/die in their own little world…Beau Colby

  • Ian

    Puhleeze, Christiane Armanpour isn’t going anywhere from Cairo. The real reason AC is leaving is cause honey’s have you SEEN his picture right now? Without his nightly access to all his expensive moisturizers & beauty creams he ages ten years in a few days! He’s feeling like a drag queen in neon lighting!

  • YRMM

    @Beau Colby:

    One of the most witless and narrow-minded bullcrap I have ever read in my entire life ! For your information, the sun doesn’t only revolve around America.. people else where have brains too.

    This may seem very new to you and you may be astonished of this fact but just keep in mind that right now the majority of your states are trying to bring civilisation back to the dark ages whereas these young people in Egypt are fighting with their lives for freedom and democracy !

  • Beau Colby

    TO/@ Mr./Miss YRMM: You simply MUST not get out much due to your ranting and raving against me. You are also NOT in America for you see, you do not have the intelligence to hold a “normal” blogconversation. I have my own opinion and you have yours. The problem with 95% of people blogging is that they “degrade” others for their own insite and opinion and do NOT convey THEIR OWN in such a simple stated matter. Go ahead and feel good that you are able to “peruse” any blog at your convenience and blast away in the name of being anonymous. You should feel good about yourself because, if, you were stating that in the real world and face-to-face, I should think you would think twice…Beau Colby

  • ewe

    @Ian: only people like you are self obsessed about aging. You might want to come out from underneath your rock and realize that oh so many gay men celebrate that they are alive. Your insensitivity is evidence you did not go through the loss so many of us have. I have an idea for youth absorbed fools like you who are probably in front of the mirror 24/7… Go back to kindergarten and start all over. Shallow cunt.

  • Nathan

    These simpletons saying Cooper is foolish for going there in the first place are the same nimrods who would be talking crap about him staying home if he hadn’t.

  • justiceontherocks

    Usually the demonstrators love having the US media around and often they are very well protected. Not sure why Anderson got roughed up.

  • Beau Colby

    @ EVE, You are SO right. What’s in the name of vanity but only loneliness. If people are focusing only on the outside, they are NEVER going to get on the inside. We all know the old cliche’ of “beauty is only skin deep.” If you do not look further, I say you are going to end up alone in life or, worse yet, with someone who does not know the meaning of wisdom either. Wisdom and sexual desire comes from within. If it didn’t, that would be “without”…Beau Colby

    @Nathan, you sound like a pessimist. I didn’t even THINK about him NOT going. Could you be putting thoughts into your OWN mind? Now, THAT’S scary AND sad,…SORRY! MOO…BC

  • Ian

    @ewe: Oh lord what a hoot, I will never understand the spell that AC places on certain queers to swoon over him. That said ewe you pulled whatever your rant about me was out of thin air. Most of my friends for most of my life have always been 10-15 yrs older than myself, & while I believe it’s important to look nice when at work etc., I am not a label whore (unlike some PRADA wearing news anchors I could mention). Finally I nearly died two days before my 30th birthday and required very invasive surgery and proudly state my age each and every year, a year that I could have not experienced if luck hadn’t been on my side years ago.

  • declanto

    Since this thread is about Anderson Cooper, Not the various and sundry ego-tripping, self-proclaiming, know-betters who post here with personal vuvuzuelas between their painted lips, I’d like to mention that AC was beaten by undercover police provocateurs, NOT the demonstrators for Freedom and Democracy.
    @Beau Colby: your boorish comment re: the ignorant masses of anywhere not American simply reveals your own shallowness and ignorance of the real world. It’s sooo easy to dehumanise another people from a safe distance. let me assure you they (we) are just as real as you.

  • astoria

    A well-known reporter for public service Swedish television (the main channel) was struck down and stabbed with a knife some days ago in Egypt. He was missing for hours, and when they tried his phone, an insulting voice in Arabic answered. He was later found at a hospital and is believed to survive. (Not gay, btw.)

    Probably police perpetrators, but no one knows yet. The demonstrators have stayed calm and non-violent.

    As for the commenter believing Egyptians live “in a bubble” not knowing about America and the American president – oh, are you wrong. The Arab world had civilization before the U.S. existed. Sadly, the belligerent Islam has taken over in our era, but level of education is often high in the Arab world.

  • Jason

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think Anderson is as hot as people make him out to be? He does nothing for me.

  • declanto

    @Jason: as far as I can determine from reading your posts, you’re the only one that does something for you.

  • Shannon1981

    I admire Anderson Cooper, really I do. He puts himself in harm’s way to tell the truth.

  • ewe

    @Ian:My comment about aging encompasses more than Anderson Cooper. I am under no spell. You say you have no idea where i am coming from? la la la la la. Why dont’ you rub two of your brain cells together and scroll upward to your comment about expensive moisturizers and beauty creams, draggin in neon lights and aging ten years in moements. Take another toot for your next hoot. Whatever you are dribbling on about surgery etc. has nothing to do with what you said in comment 4. You need to try and manipulate some other “certain queers” you can fuck over with your bullshit. It’s not me.

  • ewe

    @Jason: No Jason, you are not the only one who thinks that but your comment implies that you think negatively toward those who do find him hot. Tables are turned. Explain yourself.

  • Ian

    @ewe: Face it honey, you jack off to his show 5 nights a week, just admit it and be free ;)

  • ewe

    @Ian: OH Girl you must be old AND UGLY. We never noticed you sittin in our bedroom while jerkin off to Anderson Cooper. Of course you would know all my habits bein who you are Charlotte.

  • Ian

    @ewe: Time to turn in your gay card, a retort is supposed to be witty, not simply a copy of what was just said because you can’t think on ur feet ;)

  • thematics

    Cooper is fine looking, smart, and puts himself into some risky situations while reporting. OMG, he reminds me of me! Kidding….. Truth is, it doesn’t matter whether we find him cute/old or not, he’s well-informed when he does his reports and he has few peers willing to do the same.

    I’d add a similar comment on Bob Woodruff as well, but he’s kept a lower profile since his accident.

  • ewe

    @Ian: lol. i have no idea where you comin from cause we laughed and laughed all night with that comment i made to you. LMAO. It was hysterical. And i always make a point of thanking the person that gives me a belly laugh. Thank you Blanche. lol. Whateva!!!

  • ewe

    @Ian: Hey, i am on my back not on my feet. he haw.

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